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  1. We've been knew that Ronnie is a fucking loser and piece of shit, I don't know why she thinks threatening to sue people is going to make public opinion of him any better. What a disappointment to know that her "be different" motto meant bootlicking for scum. She's not like the other girls because she says her misogyny with her whole chest!
  2. Carmella is sooo good! That match snapped and the little spots they planned with Reginald was really creative too Sasha being the champion and giving her all to make the girls look good. That's our locker room leader! Billie getting TV time every single week because of her comedy while Peyton is eating Lacey's catering is a 2020 twist that I didn't see coming The resume gimmick is so funny though, queen of comedy
  3. Yeah, based on what Tony and the other men have said about the division, I don't trust that they even had any plans to work on time for the women at all. The most interesting match they can pull out from this is like Abadon v Shida v Jordynne or something, but that pales in comparison to any combination of Candice/Toni/Dakota/Raquel v Shotzi/Io/Rheal/Ember. If anything, I'm more happy for IMPACT getting the additional exposure, and they'll probably use the AEW talent better
  4. I watched the entire Laurel Van Ness gimmick on IMPACT and it was cute, but Chelsea does NOT have the range to pull off what Mickie did in her feud. Trish v Mickie wouldn't have worked without Mickie's level of character and promo skills, and I don't trust the modern writers to pull it off well either. It would've made both Mickie and Chelsea look worse in the end tbh, maybe its for the better they decided to leave that one in the bin.
  5. If this isn't Bianca's showout moment, cancel it
  6. Does Lacey think she's Charlotte?
  7. ok but Peyton is eating in the ring
  8. The way that Smackdown completely shits on Raw, oh my god
  9. Sasha racking up victories over both Bayley and Asuka, Billie serving the better look and gimmick than Peyton, Lana getting the face push, this year is so fucking weird
  10. NXT's division is stacked so it probably would've made the whole card better but the NXTrumpies don't believe in COVID
  11. The girls showed OUT last year Hope they do the same again
  12. what in the world happened to PSAs? I remember even 2000s celebrities were held to a way higher social standard and usually had to be the ones to prevent misinformation. Y'all (WWE) can do a whole anti-bullying commitment but can't end a disease? The anti-vaxxer undertone aside, what kind of message is she sending to her fans flexing your immune system? She's either saying she's strong enough to survive COVID (to her fanbase who probably had loved ones pass), or that she's buying into the conspiracies that Trumpie anti-maskers have been trying to paint. She dug herself a hole in which she loo
  13. This is incredible the way the mobile layout is snappy and fluid, the way the reply box pops up easily, the way emojis are suggested based on what you type.... Thank you so much to staff for this CRISP update and I'm even more excited for the shop!
  14. She really needed a character change and luckily her horror roots will carry her far in this role. She doesn't have to wrestle much either, she'll be fine just being with the Fiend. Her expressions and mannerisms in the segments are enough for her to be memorable and relevant. But can WWEMusic stop being so slow and leak the new music for the women already? Maybe not Nikki's
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