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  1. she kinda set herself up, no one is going to see her as a serious actress until she has a big breakthrough acting role and this will not be it. She’s giving a character from an SNL skit. I do agree that the Cheetah effects look better, but they’ve had a lot of time to perfect the CGI, so it better be ready to go (not that I’ll actually be spending money to see this, so whatever)
  2. I forgot it was even released because I thought they were saving it for next gen. It’s not like Square Enix will be in the red from one failed project, but it’s almost like they didn’t care how it did because it wasn’t one of their franchises.
  3. https://twitter.com/impactwrestling/status/1331406246776279042?s=21 keep us updated on her match, @Pablo I don’t know why the tweet won’t embed
  4. the way she continues to build her resume despite being literally the world’s biggest pop singer... the icon of our generation. ready for her to give us action star fantasy
  5. The way she would get booked effortlessly simply because she’s willing to do her own stunts. Let’s speak it into existence.
  6. Didn't they announce today that they’re not calling it Scream 5 either? It all feels a bit like a cash grab tbh, not that any reboot/remake over the last 5 years has been anything other than an attempt to make quick money. It’s dumb to eliminate what gave the film any kind of long lasting impact, and it’s not as if there’s a shortage of generic horror out there.
  7. The Viz English dub was released last year, so it should be coming to Hulu maybe March or April following the past releases? You can find it online too, there’s some site that has all the Sailor Moon media uploaded to watch, including the original dub and all the movies.
  8. it is amazing that people will take these checks willingly without understanding that Star Wars is literally an anti-fascist allegory
  9. they've revealed some voice actors as well, but I assume the dub will have the same Viz voices? the animation does seem to be much better from earlier Crystal series which is nice.
  10. I feel like the moments I most associate with her are ones where she was there to elevate Charlotte. 1st HIAC and WM32 come to mind. Let's keep this list to blue hair and NXT.
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