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  1. I don’t follow wrestling closely anymore so I don’t know the full tea on the either of these situations but I can commend her for speaking out about WWE while also condemning her for her silence in these instances, the two are not mutually exclusive. Her husband is a known pos so her being one too doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m not denying the obvious vendetta she has against WWE and I’d agree that this was more about dragging them than bringing awareness to the situation. I don’t think Gail is saint by any means but I do believe her when she says she feels traumatized by those match
  2. Gail can be annoying but if half of the former talent that has been mistreated by WWE spoke up as much as she did maybe they would finally have to take accountability/acknowledge at least some of their wrongdoings. I don’t think she should be dismissed because she brings up her grievances every couple of months, maybe it is a little attention seeking but I can deal with that if it encourages others to come forward with their negative experiences within the company. As for the bra and panties matches, she was in her mid twenties when they took place and whether or not she agreed to th
  3. So terrifying how a guy his size can just vanish that quickly. His poor family, I hope they are able to find some solace in the fact that he is a hero stopping an armed robbery and years later saving his sons life. Cryme Tyme were part of the last few truly enjoyable years of wrestling for me and reading he sent a text to JTG in January saying if he dies tomorrow he wanted him to know he loved him makes it all the more heartbreaking. His wife calling him a magical soul seems very fitting to him.
  4. Didn't miss much at all. There was one soft cage spot and a pretty slow paced match. Naomi vs Tamina was a nonevent. Everyone on the card looked tired and slow. Only thing worth watching was Bobby vs Dolph.
  5. The fact that all of these quotes are already so generic and lackluster, I am so intrigued to see how Nattie is going to struggle try to spin three minor accomplishments into a career worthy of a HOF induction. Beth would have only been doing herself a favor by declining this year.
  6. 72% Dixie. Your neck must be a just little rosy! Yuck.
  7. The prices actually seem more than reasonable but if they offer any type of free deal they're definitely going to lose a ton of money and subscribers. As far as them including TNA, ROH, etc. its a cute idea. They can get content for video packages and DVD's while still making major profit on them. Slay at the open mindedness.
  8. It's almost certain they will go in as a duo but I could also see Nikki snatching an individual induction depending on how well her final months/years go.
  9. Ok my bad luck has become overly apparent recently but I was ignoring it until today. A bitch cracked her iphone 7 the FIRST day she had it. Not only that but I cracked it literally walking into a store to get a new phone case. God is playing with me and I am having none of it.
  10. I'm more surprised that this incident didnt end in her assaulting someone than I am that she requested to speak to a manager over a 65 cent charge.
  11. n not him nearly crying after his loss idk if I missed a bunch of shit but i looked up when it started and he was getting hammered then i looked up 30 seconds later and it was over. am still confused. anyway perched for he and his wifes returns
  12. No doubt they are pushing for a break up but if they didn't make a huge fuss with Aj and Punk in their much worse situation then why would they with Paige and ADR. They clearly don't have a policy against dating but we're expected to believe that they would risk a lawsuit just to keep Paige on the right track?
  13. Shit, you don't like my ponytail?

  14. This girl at work is pregnant and everyone knows she is pregnant but everyone also knows that she has been smoking while pregnant and literally no one has said shit about it, like not even behind her back and we are some gossipin bitches so I'm disgusted with everyone in association. Like some of these people are the trashiest I've ever met. But money is good so I can't say too much.
  15. I went to pick up my physical copy after work and these bitches said they probably won't have it in for 4 weeks. Am I within my rights to sue?
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