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  1. the undefeated WWE Women's champion Trish Stratus.
  2. apparently she's unfollowed wwe on insta?
  3. honestly JR was always decent, back in the day on commentary when lawler would literally ruin matches with his perversions, jr was always bringing it back to the matches, the movesets and the wrestling. he and fit finlay were always behind the girls.
  4. Trish Stratus. She is the alpha, the mother, the blueprint. As an all rounder, performer, in ring ability, growth, mic skills, iconic moments...she's untouchable and effortlessly the greatest of all time.
  5. It's really sickening how people will openly spew their transphobia but somehow it's even worse when it's done to be at the supposed defense of cis women. Go, away.
  6. can't stand this moron, the highpoint of WM will be seeing the back of her shortly after.
  7. Just simply not good enough. The likes of Sunny (who have had plentiful personal issues with drugs and sextapes etc) get inducted without making even an inch of the impact that Joanie did? Inducting her alongside a man who mentally and physically abused her and one who left her for another woman is genuinely insulting to her accomplishments and her memory. This is WWE closing ranks on her history because after this, her being inducted properly will never be spoken of again. There needs to be a backlash online along the lines of Moolah to get the company to listen because it isn't rig
  8. I'm so ready for a Wrestlemania main event where Becky has the greatest women's moment of all time and wins the title, Charlotte cements her place as the best in the company by putting on the best performance and Ronda leaves through the back door never to be seen again.
  9. As long as wwe don't put the women's division back on the backburner after her, I don't care. Ronda was an addition to the division, not it's heart or soul and it was thriving before she arrived.
  10. being friends with an ex is entirely possible and actually good for your own development regarding emotional maturity etc (assuming it wasn't abusive or toxic) but telling them about all your new dates/prospects is a tad much, but whatever works for them i guess.
  11. i could totally see dana and nattie serving a female Hart stable aesthetic.
  12. Politics aside, the fucking WOMEN are gonna main event Wrestlemania. Flashback to a decade ago, it's practically surreal.
  13. Really sad, wish her a speedy recovery. I hope Ronda learns from this and develops a safer technique, regardless of your feelings towards any superstar, no one wants to see this.
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