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  1. it's a new error
  2. hunter blocking the girls for camera time as usual
  3. i lowkey predicted this from all the cryptic posts over the past month but good for her
  4. maybe @WWFoverWWE made some points with that rise and fall of hb tweet
  5. it just gets worse and worse...
  6. did she actually wear this taryn terrell dollhouse halloween costume to work or was it just for the photoshoot?
  7. should be called tb's youtube recommendations
  8. screaming @ the song choice but congrats
  9. i think she was trying to make it look like she was gonna do an armdrag on jillian but then surprised the crowd by diving onto tamina instead, plus it kept jillian's hand occupied from knocking her off and helped her get up quicker, so
  10. this match and ending sequence was iconic but the fact that they taped this a week before it aired so everyone already knew about melina's return made it a flop!
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