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  1. Antics aside, Priscilla has really improved in the ring the past few years. She showed potential in the MYC, and the past year or two really highlighted how far she's come. I really loved her match with Thunder Rosa on NWA Shockwave recently. Hopefully the stupid stunts don't haunt her in the future cause I think she has a lot of promise. Looking forward to seeing Elayna as well! She's so young and already shows a lot of talent and confidence. She had some pretty decent matches on AEW Dark, I can only imagine how good she'll be in a few years.
  2. Congratulations to them! Hopefully it gets her looks and Dusty's genes pass down skill, charisma, and charm.
  3. He was a horrible person. Anyway, stream Lucid by Rina Sawayama!
  4. This would've been a serve. Bring back king FPJ as a writer
  5. Honestly, I'm not even mad at this ending. Bianca was kept looking strong and Lana trolled her way into the win
  6. The SD girlies are eating the Raw girlies UP
  7. I'll be honest, I wasn't THAT excited for the match because Sasha and Asuka have faced off so much this year, but they never disappoint. They had a great match tonight as expected
  8. I can't believe I'd root for a white man, but here I am
  9. I wish Jey could've at least eliminated a couple of the Raw guys. That was one of the worst SS elimination matches I've seen.
  10. Why is Otis still in this? Oop never mind sksksks
  11. When all the girls cover up their gear with brand t shirts
  12. Billie switching to a side part, let's manifest a push
  13. It's not trunks, but it's better than the shorts
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