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  1. I love this game ❤️
  2. Ooooh this is great! Discord was really fun when we were playing Heartbreakers Holiday Game night!
  3. I’d happily forgotten about that match
  4. I blocked majority of her 2020 run out of my mind 💀
  5. Cherry was great! I genuinely liked her and was actually surprised she was fired because it seemed they really wanted to push her.
  6. Charlotte is really starting to bother me with her wrestling. She’s a great wrestler but she puts no effort in and won’t sell for other girls it’s actually starting to make a lot of her matches look shit.
  7. Wasn’t it something to do with her period?
  8. I have so many theories after watching the first two episodes. I’m so excited for the rest
  9. Miranda was always my favourite but idk if I can watch the show without Samantha.
  10. I enjoyed Alicia’s reign as champion and I think it sucks that she had to drop the title so soon because they wanted to unify the belts.
  11. The way she was pegged to be the “IT” girl of the next generation of women’s wrestlers and just completely failed 💀
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