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  2. the_bathroom_break_sasha_banks_crying.gif
  4. Jillian better interrupt Moment of Bliss, I will *NOT* settle for less.
  5. These old men.. I cannot do it.
  6. "sasha_banks_the_bathroom_break_crying_gif.mp4"
  7. That's normally how Seth promo's. He's honestly the worse talker out of The Shield, in my opinion. God knows how. I really wanted to see them have an Extreme Rules match, but. *shrug*
  8. Undertaker is going to pop a hip in this match, I already know it. Him and Shane's old ass bout to look Clownish as hell.
  9. not if she's going to help bayley, she can keep that shit.
  10. I forgot this PPV was even happening.. Why is Undertaker being promoted in a match?
  11. The faggots are running rapid tonight..
  12. Smackdown just doesn't hit like it used too.
  13. Charlotte's about to get put on this match by sucking up to HHH. #ChargodFlair #Album8
  14. This is the content I've been waiting for!
  15. This is so ghetto, why does this starter segment seem so messy.
  16. Can this sexual harasser get off my screen. GIVE us the FUCKING DIVAS! The one time we're ready for the divas, they make us wait the whole show.
  17. I think her little feud with Lana cemented her on the brand. It'd be nice to see them have a little reunion. Especially since it was one of Zelina's first female rivalries on Smackdown.
  18. Smackdown truly is the IT show. Imagine being on RAW.
  19. I think a lot of the men wear it as accessories now.
  20. Naomi and Mandy leading the heels/faces? They better be the final 2. They're so over right now, I wouldn't also mind Asuka in the mix. Whew Smackdown is truly the IT show.
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