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  1. It was leaked in the emails that Hillary was going to use the no fly zone to legitimately start a war with Russia. She was also going to try to overthrow Asaad in Syria at the same time. She was also going to start conflict over the South China sea. Russia, Syria, China, Iran, and North Korea are all allies so Hillary was setting us up for could have been one of the most devastating wars in history. I think we've already started to see Trump completely transform as he realizes how serious this job is. He's already begun compromising on his positions such as with Obama Care so we're not going t
  2. They're not all fake but they were initially set up by Soros. You're probably not that aware of who George Soros is but he's responsible for a lot of the violent riots and protests that have been happening in the US. You can probably look it up it's public record that he funds all those protests. As for as social media, look up "Correct The Record" and "Media Matters". They're astroturfing organizations owned by Soros. Basically what they do is pay thousands of people to spread fake messages on social media to manipulate the public. They want people to be afraid of racists taking over the worl
  3. Here's the thing no one is talking about. Since Trump has been elected world leaders everywhere are coming out saying they're ready to work with the US again. Russia is ready to restore relations with the US, Syria is offering to cooperate with us, China is ready to negotiate our trade policies, Canada is willing to renegotiate NAFTA, As much as you may not like Trump, we've gotten closer to world peace in the last two days than ever before. Also regarding the protests and the racists attacks that are coming out, those are being set up and funded by George Soros, the guy who practically own
  4. This is misinformation. The votes don't get finished counting until next week. There's still 14 million uncounted and CNN now projects that Trump is going to win the popular vote when they're done counting.
  5. This report is BS Vince wasn't even at Raw this week. Shouldn't there be a rule against posting poorly sourced and obviously fake dirtsheet stuff like this?
  6. Tamina should be next. Eva at least had a couple of good matches with Bayley and Asuka.
  7. Wrestlechat is a fake dirtsheet. Someone on reddit said they used to make up their own rumors and submit them to the site to be published.
  8. It wasn't a PPV the first time though. I don't see why Network shows don't count anyway since they're basically the same thing. Apparently all of Smackdown's PPV's are going to be Network exclusive so does that mean none of the Smackdown girls are going to have their records counted since they technically won't be pay-per-view wins?
  9. If you count Roadblock for Charlotte then you should also count Beast in the East and Live from MSG for Nikki.
  10. So we all know there's been times where the divas were technically the "main event" of the show/last match on the card. I found a website that posts results to shows with the main events as the headline so I thought it would be fun to look to find all the "main event" divas matches. I didn't count mixed tag team matches. http://www.pwwew.net/tv/ RAW 8-21-2000 Lita vs Stephanie McMahon RAW 7-28-2003 Molly Holly vs Gail Kim RAW 9-27-2004 Gail Kim, Trish Stratus & Molly Holly vs. Christy Hemme (Bra and Panties Match) RAW 10-4-2004 Stacy Keibler vs Molly Holly RAW 12-6-2004 Lita vs Trish St
  11. For everyone that doesn't know results to pay-per-views get leaked ahead of time to people with inside info. These insiders take advantage and place bets on the pay-per-view. By the time the betting lines close, whoever the favorites are is who will actually win at the pay-per-view. A list of the early favorites has been released.
  12. Thanks guys! But is that really the only one? If so that's kind of sad :/ But Ill check it out!
  13. First off, Hellow everyone! I'm thankful to have found such an amazing site! It's hard to find places to talk about the divas without dealing with trolls or sexists that hate women. Divadirt has been taken over by trolls recently so I'm glad there's an alternative! My question is does anyone know any good podcasts or talk shows that have good discussions about divas? All the podcasts I listen to like Don Tony & Kevin Castle, Solomonster, Bruce Blitzed, MLW, and even Jericho, JR, and Austin's podcasts usually just skim through the divas quickly or they just talk trash about the divas. Ar
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