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  1. Chelsea actually had a pretty fresh take on the very played out "crazy chick" character during her time in Impact, so if she had creative control this could have been kinda fun. Mickie has always annoyed me but this would probably be the one thing I wouldn't mind seeing her involved in.
  2. Madison and Tenille will make a cute team.
  3. Impact continues to serve a FULL AND DIVERSE DIVISION week after week while other promotions continue to flail around in mediocrity. This week had pretty much everything - a tag tournament with a purpose (not some irrelevance hidden away), backstage segments, involvement with authority figures, comedy, a wedding. I really hope Kiera and Tasha are the first tag champs. They've been fantastic for a while now, and Kiera really deserves a title reign. Give me them vs a returning SariTaylor in the final.
  4. For some reason she isn't popular here - but Deonna's been fantastic in Impact so far and is really getting a chance to showcase her talent as one of the best women in North America. She has the MOTY in my opinion with Jordynne, and I expect her to potentially eclipse it with Kylie. I think a lot of people thought she'd go to AEW after leaving NXT, but she absolutely made the right decision to go with Impact and I'm glad she's thinking about staying long term. It's a great fit for both sides.
  5. The bottom line is that they have done a terrible job with the division so far. They can make as many excuses as they like (and of course there has been legitimate difficulties like not being able to bring in the international talent that they would have been banking on because of Covid, Statlander's knee injury, etc.) but the results speak for themselves. Aside from a couple of good matches here and there, they have delivered very little quality TV, have a roster full of pretty green workers most of whom have received very little character development. Brandi Rhodes is on her third or fourth
  6. I have a feeling they might be waiting to be able to bring in Taylor and Sarita before they bring back the tag titles.
  7. I've often thought about how things might have been different in TNA if she had come in as Angelina and Velvet's bodyguard in 2008 - instead of Moose who ended up getting injured just a few weeks after her debut. She would have had some pretty fantastic matches with the likes of Gail, Roxxi and Taylor Wilde.
  8. It's kinda crazy that Ronda still gets mentioned as much as she does. The women seem to bring her up more themselves than the fans do! I'm no fan of hers but she definitely made things interesting. Evolution would never have happened without her.
  9. Tenille vs Jordynne was a good match. The Michinoku Driver was one of the nastiest looking moves I've seen in a match for a long time. They've really done a much better job with Tenille's character since her return, it's much more fleshed out and interesting. Her personal photographer is a nice touch.
  10. Impact has such an easy schedule (like two days per month) she can do all that other stuff as well. I think she's been going in a positive direction since her recent return. Her first little run in Impact was nondescript but they've fleshed out her character more this time.
  11. Kylie is fantastic. That speed and athleticism.
  12. God so much this. How on earth has dull ass KLR been champion for a year while a total package kween like Jinny hasn't even sniffed the title?
  13. The ironwoman match should be amazing. Might be more in ring time than the whole AEW division has had on Dynamite during the pandemic!
  14. It's really a bad look that they can't take the slightest bit of criticism. People generally want AEW to succeed and see competition/an alternative for WWE but they are missing the mark so badly with the women's division at the moment. A two minute match on TV isn't acceptable in 2020 - let alone from a promotion that has heavily marketed themselves being about inclusivity and equality. Brandi/Cody/Kenny need to develop thicker skin and not instantly get defensive when the fans tell them they need to be doing better. If they can't handle constructive criticism they need to step aside
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