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  1. Sad to report the passing of women's wrestler Kat LeRoux, who worked for WCW and Jim Crockett Promotions throughout the 1980's and early 1990's. The news was announced by fellow wrestler Brittany Brown online on July 27th 2020.
  2. STOP I could talk for DAYS about Tygress' legend status! A missed opportunity from WWE
  3. Y'all remember my "HB's Favourite Diva" tournament game? Well what if I bring it back (fully organised this time, and checked over by reliable users to debunk any bias rumours). Would you guys play along? I literally got so many images made and got no use for them until that thought popped in my head. Lemme know

    1. Angelic


      I don’t know what that game is, but it says Diva so I’m on board. Also any HB mess is a saving grace for me, not even because of the world right now, it just always is.

    2. Kevin Thomas

      Kevin Thomas

      I'm not sure if I played before but I'm so here for this!

    3. Tygress


      I'm gonna try organise it with all this free time and get it posted so hopefully it can help cure some of you guys boredom during quarantine 

  4. WWE previously released Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder this week and has continued the trend by releasing EC3, Drake Maverick, Lio Rush, Curt Hawkins, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. Are any female superstar releases on the way? Source: https://www.wwe.com/article/wwe-talent-releases-drake-maverick-curt-hawkins-karl-anderson
  5. I know TOO MUCH but at least this way it'll bring knowledge to other women's wrestling fans. There's still a handful of people I gotta add Gracias though I'm glad the effort doesn't go completely unnoticed
  6. No word of a lie, I was on the topic and thinking "why has no one asked me who had shit in their bag"
  7. The way I kept the OP updated with the new girls & adding AEW... My mind
  8. The wrestling market in general isn't going well with sales this time of year
  9. The women's division is definitely slacking but like she said, it's very very very early days and not everything is going to be well-established so early on in the company. WWE Didn't begin with a standout women's division when it's doors first opened. I do think in terms of overall shows, AEW is definitely more entertaining and actually has me watching the show as opposed to just the women's segments via twitter clips and highlights like WWE has.
  10. Check out my thread


  11. Very normal for the era and Sherri/Moolah were koo after this so I guess it was a good thing to be done
  12. I mean that's different from the story I heard about WWE deeming her too skinny and releasing her on that basis
  13. I got a new women's wrestling game in progress for HB in the near future. Unlike last time, I'm making sure everything is prepared before the game begins. Stay tuned.

  14. AEW Section added! This is basically a continuously updated roster page as opposed to a Spotlight page because I keep this as updated as possible. Highkey it should be a pinned topic
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