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  1. Because it looks pretty dead.. I haven't been here for about a year and it looks like everyone is gone.
  2. 2013 when i started watching STARDOM in Japan. I didn't think much of women's wrestling before that because of how the women are booked in WWE.. Now STARDOM is literally the only wrestling i watch.
  3. Not surprised WWE would do this shit.. The talent is not allowed to do anything in this company. It's like a prison.
  4. I like the women's division.
  5. Either that or wait for Survicor Series.. She shouldn't come back so soon after an angle like that.
  6. Sonya Deville was the star of the show as always. Everything she does is fantastic I didn't expect an impromptu match with Mandy Rose vs. The Table.. No matter what Mandy Rose tried, this table was not flipping over. Definitely a funny spot in the match. Asuka is champ again, can't complain about that. I wish Asuka would stop taking Powerbombs to the outside. She's going to kill her back.
  7. Stardom needs her more than WWE.. This would be huge news for them if she goes back there.
  8. Sign her ASAP. She's the hottest free agent right now. Tessa would be a top star anywhere she goes.
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