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  1. This Lana shit Is annoying, at this rate we need a huge Debut or return (Charlotte? Rhea!? Beth!? Mercedes!!? To help her!)
  2. Literally The second time she abruptly leave the company.... I was interested in her too 🥺
  3. They have better chemistry then either of them do a Becky
  4. I’d love for some old-school teams to make the returns for this tournament. ODB & Jackie The Beautiful people Sa Rita & Taylor
  5. I hope it Leads to a new person joining her and they become a tagteam and they win the titles!? (Naomi or Charlotte or to TaMina or Rhea!???)
  6. Yasssss!!!!! Sasha vs Zlina, Bianca, Liv, Carmella, Ruby ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Possibly a returning Sonya!?
  7. She better Defend her title bro
  8. I’ve been Catching up on women’s wrestling from the past few months and the NXT division is by far the best division on television..... every single girl brings it and has her own identity. I know gals get irritated when they get called up to the main roster. I mean look at Vanessa Borne or CHELSEA green. Lol why haven’t they made their debuts yet !? How about Bianca!?? Mia Yim!? Mercedes has already been demoted Lolol. Not that that’s it’s a bad thing I mean look at Ember moon. Anyways Shotzi is my overall fave. She’s a star and she takes crazy bumps and her moves are am
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