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  1. I'm calling dibs on new NXT hire Anthony Henry.
  2. COVID-19 tried, but it couldn't keep me down.

    1. Stephen


      I'm late, but I'm glad that you recovered and you're okay now💜💜💜💜💜💜

  3. Aww congrats! I wonder how they decided on that spelling. Maybe they're both big foodies.
  4. Who'd you rather: Tony Nese or Ariya Daivari?
  5. That could have been cute. I don't think they would've given Mickie & Chelsea 9 months to make it work like they gave Trish & Mickie, so maybe it's for the best that it didn't happen.
  6. Former WWE writer & Sarah Michelle Gellar's hubby Freddie Prinze Jr reveals where Kharma's story was headed:
  7. Did y'all see the exposé on Drake Wuertz, one of the NXT refs & also a producer down there too? It's maddening that this is the kind of mess that's going on with people that have influence at the PC. https://babyfacevheel.substack.com/p/wwe-appears-to-have-a-drake-wuertz
  8. Did God fix your ACL too, DeNia? These nutty Q people & anti-vaxxers/anti-science types drive me crazy.
  9. Jade looks like such a star and she's got the IT factor. She deserved way better than that segment with Brandi.
  10. It feels like there was so much buzz when she started working with AEW & that she was primed to be the next big thing. I wish her well.
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