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  1. She was so iconic. Uggghhhh, even each of her themes were bops. Queen of charisma, like she wasnt even a 'wrestler' as we know it today but she was still THAT bitch on Smackdown and she even carried her dog to the ring with her. Needless to say im thrilled with this announcement
  2. Trish and Lita Mickie and Trish Maryse and Eve Eve and AJ AJ and Paige Stacy and Torrie Torrie and Maria Nikki and Maryse
  3. Its almost as though she isnt what Vince considers the perfect woman........ Blonde, White, Breasts with a Pretty Face and Athletic, Color me shocked. *Im not saying she isnt capable of being a star but we all know Vince always makes a certain "type" of woman more special than the other women on the roster which is extremely unfair
  4. http://time.com/3222543/wage-pay-gap-myth-feminism/ Read up on the vanishing / non exsisting pay gap Im not really coming for you.
  5. Intresting seeing as how coworkers arent supposed to discuss that and its illegal for an employer to show you anyone elses paystub. I have a feeling im not getting the full story here. If you dislike your job, why not look for another, maybe in a STEM field.
  6. Wrestling is a different ball game pay wise. Yes, i am aware im on a womens wrestling forum that to my knowledge is full of men in the LGBTQ community, i may be a white woman but i have never had the privilege that people claim i have, ive been turned down for jobs over women of color because i grew up in the hood and everyone in that area was racist towards whites, ive been homeless, my mom was hooked on drugs and i grew up in extreme poverty so dont ever bring up privilege to me again if anything the only privilege i have is being american and im grateful to be in a country where i can wake
  7. If youre gonna try to give facts, come correct. The gender pay gap is a myth at this point, some people will never ever see women and men as equals. Sexism will always exsist and 3rd wave feminism brings it on itself 90% of the time by saying men are the scum of the earth but then being upset and cry oppresion when men resent them. You cant have it both ways equal is equal which means women are not superior to men just like men are not superior to women. If you live in western society you should realize how good you have it and stop whining over rights you have when you could live in a place l
  8. It really is This is one of those times someone definitely overdressed for a TED talk 😩
  9. Charlotte and Alexa. I agree with the statement "too much of a good thing going on" and when they have been the worst offenders of that motto it kinda kills the drive to want to see them because they become stale after awhile. I know they get merch sales and Alexa is basically Vinces type of a main woman times 100. They both are talented but i see to much of the same people over and over and its old
  10. I know it comes with the job, and if WWE would treat them like people not money machines maybe they wouldnt be injured so much. I know thay their schedules is heavier now than the they were im just seeing a kind of trend (?)
  11. When it comes to breaking glass ceilings and proving themselves this last generation of girls are kicking some serious ass. Im just wondering how much is too much, with how Paige got injured last year and now with Alexa and those rumors, have the women starting going too hard where they end their career extremely short and as fans are we putting to much on them? I love this era but i am scared for alot of these young women who seem to have to retire before 30. Ive been thinking about this and i wanted to see how others felt as well
  12. For her to be so talented and WWE just fucking wasting her time, kills me. They only ever put her in filler roles and she stays the same for years at a time in the same charecter
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