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  1. I took the advice and made another video but longer, I didn't get to fit everything because I realized I was coming to the end of the song but I still love this it gives you a look at Candice from being a diva search contestant to her becoming champ and everything in between so I hope you and everyone else enjoys this video
  2. I would like to share with everyone a little tribute video I made for Paige, I just could not get this song out of my head and Paige always came to mind when hearing this song so I had to do a video for it lol I hope you guys enjoy it !
  3. It is very interesting to me I never really think who or what the person looks like behind the screen I just always go off the profile page and the avatar is usually what sticks in my head lol so pretty crazy to see who is behind the screen :o
  4. Hello everyone I would like to share with you guys a video I made as a tribute to Candice Michelle, One of my all time favorite women's champion; I know she gets allot of backlash for just being a pretty face and although she wasn't the best out there but you saw her week after week really improve and you saw how much she wanted to be the best so to that she has my respect
  5. I would like to share this tribute I made of Vince's Devils ! I found this would be probably the best place to post it at so hopefully you guys enjoy it
  6. I love maryse she has so much charisma every time she is on tv ! I made this little video as a tribute to maryse ! Hopefully you will enjoy it
  7. Today in WWE History (09/20/2004) : Victoria and Stacy Kiebler vs Molly Holly and Women’s Champion Trish Stratus What is everyones opinion on this match ? In my opinion it was very short but at least the story telling was consistent around this time and not really so random.
  8. Sorry for the caps title but just new to here and wanted to make sure I got everyones attention lol I am Alex can't wait to chat with everyone here !
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