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  1. Who's the queen in you avy

    1. Katy


      someone needs Disney +! It's from Peter Pan.

    2. Andrés ♡

      Andrés ♡

      Yep🡅. It´s a mermaid from that movie.

  2. nnnn she's losing what's the point in voting- Rosebuds are extinct as far as i know
  3. anyone else having difficulties reversing when you're on the ground? I'm here pressing triangle right before my opponent does a ground move/attack, but it doesn't do shit and Im just there getting jumped until the A1 decides to pick me up
  4. omg imagine her on US Big Brother I just know Ms Kelly would be winning back-to-back HOH and veto competitions
  5. only buying for showcase and mycareer tbh.
  6. all i got from this basic ass tag match was Allie's overhyped, Britt needs a character overhaul, Bea smells, and Penelope has potential, but needs more experience
  7. she's too talented to be wasted as one of Bray's puppet dolls.
  8. I didn't play the showcase for 2k19, did they give the non-showcased superstars (if that makes sense) the attire they wore for that specific match? Or did they just use their original in-game models and called it a day?
  9. i love your enthusiasm sis, but we gotta be realistic and just hope Torrie makes it in this year. Maybe in 2K25 when Kelly is inducted in the HoF that year?
  10. it can easily be Torrie tho. I doubt they'll include her in the base roster
  11. omg this looks good and I'm going to say I'm glad we aren't getting a lot of AHS "vets" this season. This will give newbies/those not having a key role in past seasons a chance to shine and get themselves to AHS "vet" status (like Adrina Porter). I have high hopes that it'll be Angelica, Leslie, and John's moment this season
  12. It was fun y'all! No hard feelings, especially to you Katy. I was just trying to stay. Rooting for you guys! in the meantime, I'll be rotting in redemption island
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