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  1. Not Nia and Bazler being the next contenders for the Tag Team titles....
  2. Well if you remember, Sasha has beaten every credible threat to Bayley everytime Bayley would do that thing where she would volunteer Sasha to compete for her. So it will be Sasha who has all the credibility... The one time WWE's long-term booking might actually work lmao
  3. Theyre most likely going to lose the tag titles at Payback and the feud between Sasha and Bayley will begin, then Sasha will dethrone Bayley.
  4. That Mandy and Sonya segment after the match was great. Sonya gave me a bit of Psycho Victoria vibes lol Also Mandy's thigh took a beating
  5. Bayley seemed more confident in her promo tonight. I liked her talking back to the crowd and their what chants too lol
  6. I'm bitches... Very disappointing direction they took but why do we expect any different lmaoo
  7. Here's another one for you guys! Any feedback is welcomed. Hope you guys have a Happy New Year, and hopefully this video helps with any outfit ideas tomorrow!
  8. I'm still waiting for that dark twist on her new character.
  9. Gotta follow the monitor real close and you'll see it was Charlottes. It looked like Becky's monitor too at first glance but it wasn't
  10. So crazy that they've been beating them nonstop, I thought it was over for them
  11. Not the men interrupting the finish and celebration
  12. Tables just don't like the women
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