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  1. Song is hot but it's Normani and Meg. What else can we expect? Video is also really cool to watch.
  2. Love the actress and Mulan in general so I'll be watching fasho.
  3. I'm so happy seeing Nikki and Artem out and I don't even care for Nikki. She looks so happy and he looks so affectionate.
  4. Scarlett has IMPROVED so much since her OVW days. So good and plays her character brilliantly. It is campy but most of TNA IS camp. Great battle royal
  5. Legit one of my most favorite games and I've played all of them. Love, love, love. Can't wait for this one.
  6. Love her and her personality. So much strength and still so young. I hope she finds a way to thrive on SD.
  7. Bayley steady getting boo'ed That match with Eva was definitely her peak.
  8. The anxiety I had when I saw another superkick Thank god it landed
  9. Charlotte's selling after that super kick
  10. Ugh the IIconics being what I wanted from NXT call ups. Such an organic glow-up and road to success/the title. So happy
  11. They really are hot together ugh And they are dating as well. Bunch of pics of them on her IG.
  12. Ugh so many Torrie memories. I've stanned since WCW and that lingerie match vs Stacy was so iconic. I remember downloading it on Limewire or whatever.
  13. OT but I just noticed you have Red Velvet on your avatar. Icon(s).
  14. Same but even with how scary it is, it got really addicting! Like I had to get through it.
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