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  1. Still can't believe Alexa chose Ryan Cabrera over this....
  2. I know at least for me, the pandemic killed my interest in wrestling. WWE is really out here having their performers risk their lives for no reason. I haven't kept up like I used to but, still I'm cheering on our women. Sasha carrying the company on her back, you love to see it.
  3. I'm still in shock. As a journalist I always marveled at his ability to get scoops with such quickness, much respect for how he really threw himself out there into the business at such a time when the women weren't being taken seriously enough. He really lived and breathed women's wrestling through the good times and the bad. Rest easy Casey.
  4. Can't believe they cut Keith Lee's reign short just for this to happen, LMAO.
  5. Buddy, I was over here rooting for Broccoli! fhjdfsdfksdkjfh Anyway, I'm so happy for them, they are glowing
  6. Oh yay! I remember her heartbreak from before and I'm so happy that she finally gets her baby. Congratulations Miss Black Lotus!
  7. Well, if they do this...can they bring back the iconic bop of a theme song at least?
  8. Everybody better watch out, Broccoli is coming!
  9. The love I have for these women, I'm so happy for Nikki! She really deserves it all
  10. jdhfjhdsfkjdhfk, yeah, what is this mess?
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