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  1. I'll do the second half when someone posts in this thread in 3 months time
  2. Welp here it is! After virtually no anticipation and a thunderous lack of applause here I am to finally reveal this. I thank everyone that came together and voted, we actually got more people than I was expecting. So thanks to all of you 10. 50 points Yes the Wrestlemania 32 Triple Threat Match between Sasha, Becky and Charlotte just squeaks on to our list at number 10. This match is probably most notable for being the introduction of the new Women's title and the official retirement of the Divas Championship. Though Sasha was not able to win here (tha
  3. You're such a bitch. You could have just let this fade into obscurity but now I have to make the damn list just to spite you.
  4. A lot of the true indie girls (the ones that work the gross back alley shows for a free meal and a coupon) have hot mess moments in their past and as far as I can see WWE doesn't really care as long as it's not something behavioral (Tessa). Shotzi has a MESSY past but she's one of the most featured girls on NXT so I honestly think Priscilla will be fine. If DX can have 'shit' rain from the ceiling on WWE programming Priscilla can pull a tea bag out of a zip lock bag and throw it at someone I guess
  5. Me coming in here to show support and being attacked instead But anyway this moment was both iconic and kii inducing. I still have no idea why Gail needed to hold Jillian's hand in order to do the dive to the outside. Nattie taking Tamina out with a slap. Alicia maybe cutting the best promo of her career only for Melina to come out and remind her it's over
  6. All the other wrestlers wearing masks and then there's Scarlett and her man. This being for a charity that supports critically ill kids too
  7. Disney clearly wanted a 'Raven's home' type of show and not a single other person on the planet was on board This sucks cause I was really looking forward to seeing the show attempt to grow with its audience in a way that most of the modern reboots never attempt, but Disney just has no idea what they want from this streaming service. The way they essentially have a 'no gays' rule in the year of our dark lord 2020 is embarrassing
  8. Meanwhile my immunocompromised ass is forced to go to theatres to see it cause it's not available (legally) anywhere else sadsda
  9. Y'all getting this win while my ass is gonna have to still go to the theatres if I want to see any of this
  10. Sir you know damn well I have been planning my debut into this universe with their hot mess streaming shows. Ms Marvel and She Hulk are worth my time. Hawkeye is not but I'll do it for my good sis
  11. sdasdsadsad I mostly agree but regular Kristen wiig still looks super out of place to me in that showdown scene (Cheetah looked better though)
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