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  1. To be honest, I find it all pathetic that everyone is trading shots at each other anyway. The AEW vs WWE is stupid down to the fact that all the guys are doing is trying to make a living, and do what they love to do. There is enough competition for everyone and this is probably just a way to make the other company seem “stupid”. Both AEW and WWE need to stay off twitter and focus more on their products
  2. Dark Phoenix was always my fav
  3. Although I was praying for her to sign with AEW, I am a massive mark for Tenille and always have been. So I’m just happy to see her with a company that has a weekly TV show (even if it’s Impact). Congrats girl!! Get that title
  4. Good for her for her bravery. She looks so happy
  5. If I am honest, I like her "troubled kid" kinda gimmick. I think it works for her so much more than her gimmick in NXT. Fingers crossed they don't do a whole Emmalina thing with her. Don't change something that isnt broken in my opinion, they could go really far with her current gimmick
  6. I'm addicted to the British version! Last series was so much better, but this one is still good!
  7. Personally think that this is a mistake on AEWs behalf. I think they really need to build their roster before they think about a championship. Sure it’s going to be great and I can’t wait to see what it looks like - but I feel like it’s so premature, and is going to be overshadowed. They should have done it way after and buildt up storylines with the girls first. Some of them haven’t even debuted yet
  8. D0dz

    NXT Spoilers

    Good point actually - Bianca should be the one to take down Shayna.
  9. D0dz

    NXT Spoilers

    Not overly happy that Shayna retained, but happy for the twist with Io turning. Hopefully this means a bit more development with the girls going forward in NXT, with a four way between Mia, Candice, Io and Shayna at the next takeover.
  10. I am the biggest Spice Girls fan ever - I am so gutted that I couldn’t see them on their tour this year. So i am beyond excited for this....
  11. I honestly think that WWE is going to see a massively decline in wrestlers soon due to AEW and the other companies out there. There’s been so many reports of there being so many unhappy people backstage and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the wrestlers don’t sign again. It’s the best time for other rivals to get bigger because the WWE is a horrible mess. This is the first time in about 5/6 years that I generally have just given up with anything the WWE do because it just all goes to shit. They get everyone’s hopes up and just don’t deliver at all... it’s so shocking that they just don’t kn
  12. D0dz

    Fantasy Booking

    I think if they are going to get rid of the brand split, they should change one of the titles as a Secondary title. I think having a US/Intercontinental Championship will give the girls more opportunties when they are not in the main event title picture. With all the girls on one brand, I would form as many tag teams/alliances as possible so that the Iconics have plenty of options. If the girls arent in feuds then just use them by having them manage or form alliance's in the mens division? There is so much that they could do to build their characters on the screen! Would love to also
  13. This is really a shame because I was so looking forward to seeing this film !
  14. So it’s no secret that I have been outspoken about my frustrations with the booking on WWE at the moment. So I thought... why not do it ourselves??? How would you book the current women’s division? Would you swap anyone from RAW to SD? Would you bring up anyone from NXT? Sign anyone new?? This can be for the WWE, impact or any promotion! Just a bit of fun
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