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  1. Not thrilled about it but I’m open. I was negative about Anne Hathaway being Catwoman but I was happy with what she brought with the role.
  2. I never considered myself a fan of her’s but this is horrible to hear and I send all of my condolences. As much as professional wrestling has been apart of my childhood, I could never deny the fact that the business can chew you up and spit you out. I don’t know the details of her death but things like this only bring back the feelings of my childhood icons like Chyna and Luna being taken away. The fact that she has a daughter makes it all the more tragic.
  3. The episode was visually stunning but the writing is still a mess for me. 1) Jaime’s storyline was so rushed. His love affair with Brienne lasted one episode and the next he dies with Cersei? Both character’s storyline deserved a better send off than that. 2) Cersei deserved a more epic death than that. Being my favorite character, I always envisioned her to meet a more epic ending. It was cute and symbolic to have both her and Jaime face death together but it should have felt bigger than rubble falling on top of them. 3) I know Dany is mad now but it made no sense
  4. Agreed. They are always attacking the queen bee. I remember reading in the gossip blogs that the women were refusing to film because Lisa is getting her own show once she leaves. They are all just bitter. I tuned out as a regular watcher once Yolanda left. Looking back though, I’m glad she did because she has way too much class for that.
  5. Yeah if they are going full steam ahead with the mad queen angle, they better go all in. What gets me about the pacing of these last couple of seasons is that this should have been a build up for Dany much earlier than now. It’s almost like they are turning her mad because she is salty about the people gravitating to Jon more than her. Even with Cersei, she is evil to the core and I feel like her character would have demolished everyone that was stationed in front of her wall. Like it made no sense to me why she had someone who Dany loves and killed her immediately to embolden her ene
  6. I’m honestly surprised about Fuller House being renewed with Aunt Becky going to jail.
  7. Totally agree with you. I love Dany and everything she has stood for in the majority of the series. These last two seasons haven’t been my favorite for her. Her and Tyrion haven’t made many wise decisions even though they have both been battle tested countless times. I have no idea why the writers seem to hellbent on destroying everything I love about these characters lol. Ive never loved Jon but it makes no sense that why a man that made all the same noble mistakes as Ned is still alive. Sansa has made more strategic and political moves than he has
  8. It annoys me that all the characters are seemingly ready to jump to Jon as king when he has done none of the heavy lifting. Jon hasn’t won a single thing on this show without the help of someone else. Arya and the Melissandre saved mankind, Sansa won the battle of the bastards for him, Melissandre revived him after he made the same mistakes as his father by pushing to much good onto unwilling people, and Stannis saved him when he was going to be killed by the wildlings. I also hate how the writers make Dany look like such a petulant child in recent seasons. She is seemingly making wor
  9. Ferni B

    Oh Hey

    All time favs I love Gail Kim, Alundra Blayze, Sable, Chyna, Luna Vachon, and there’s definitely more I can’t remember lol.
  10. Ferni B

    Oh Hey

    Right now in WWE I love Asuka, Becky and Nia when she isn’t injuring people lol. I also have always had a soft spot for Alicia. 😁
  11. Is anyone else tired of Beverly Hills?I feel like even when Lisa isn’t even in an episode, she is always the topic of conversation. I love Denise and I tried to give this season a chance because Brandi is making a cameo but it’s grown tiresome.
  12. Favs: -Janelle Monae -Gaga -Zendaya -Kasey Musgraves Cute but left me with blue balls: -Kim Kardashian -Violet Chachki I feel like a lot of celebrities didn’t understand the theme or the event in general. The Met Gala is a time to be extra in general, let alone when the theme is Camp. Whoever was doing Celine’s make up should be fired. It aged her 50 years.
  13. I can’t wait for this and Euphoria. Hopefully this will be better than the movie. HBO’s lineup always has me excited.
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