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  1. This is when Vince should've started hiring models. They could've had huge women stars, but instead the only women featured were these old out of shape women with zero appeal. I don't get why Vince didn't try to sign several GLOW girls once GLOW was canceled. They weren't great wrestlers, but they were more entertaining than Moolah and the other women they had (from what I've seen)
  2. I hope ratings continue to drop. It's what they deserve.
  3. I wonder if her appearance was just a one off or if she's signed to them.
  4. I thought it was a good show, and I'm happy that they pulled those kind of numbers. But it was the first show. Hopefully they can keep the numbers up with the future shows. I haven't watched NXT yet, but I heard it was a great show. With NXT, and AEW being on Cable, I no longer have to try to watch Raw. I'll give SD a chance though.
  5. I still hate Tegan's hair. She needs something edgy.
  6. Cancel this shit show already. The new Diva Search and Total Bellas is more than enough.
  7. Listened to the podcast at the gym today. I thought Paige got her boobs done, just wasn't too sure. She looks great either way. I'm still hoping that the WWE finds a bigger role for her. I don't mind her managing, but I still don't think she's a good fit with Asuka and Kairi. She should manage a top guy or tag team. And as much as I love Nikki, she needs to quit acting like she is responsible for the "evolution". Everyone knows it was the 4HW in NXT, and the #GiveDivasAChance movement that got it going.
  8. I hope he finds the help he needs. In the mean time, he should retire from the biz to work on himself
  9. I hope not. Hopefully all the titles will be exclusive to one brand.
  10. I agree. I do think the main issue is size difference rather than gender. Nia beating a cruiserweight is believable to me. But a man clearly carrying a girl through a bunch of high flying moves (that we’ve seen so many times usually) is not entertaining to me. That’s the real problem.
  11. Is he wrong though? 🤔 I don’t think it matters because it’s wrestling and crazier shit has happened, but there is nothing realistic about a 125 pound woman beating a 200+ pound man. I do agree about the Brock and Seth size difference though. That’s not exactly believable either.
  12. Please get rid of the pink hair. I hate colored hair. She looks so good as a blonde. I'm happy about this news. Personally, I feel like she should be in a tag team because we need more teams, but I'm glad we'll be seeing more of Liv.
  13. lmfao Wasn't Cena just making fun of the Uso's for getting arrested? Honestly I have no respect for people who drink and drive. It's 2019. Get an Uber dumbass.
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