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  1. why has kat dennings been on hollywood radar for so long..?
  2. Charlize theron as Captain marvel, its what we deserve
  3. Salt (2010) and Lucy (2014), they were both great female-lead action movies, and I would love for those to continue like the mens franchises do. I really think there's money in lucy, even though its been six years since the last one.
  4. The team itself i'm not concerned about. i really just want this incarceration of the x-men to not have one central focus character. The original trilogy soley focused on Wolverine, and the second trilogy mainly focused on Mystique ft magnet and charles. I think it's time for them to get back to the core of the x-men and focus on them as a team. Also, Storm, Jean, and cyclops are a must because they keep getting backburned for other characters.
  5. I literally got shield a few days ago and haven't touched it. I've been randomly addicted to Zelda, I need to start playing omg
  6. Remember how iconic hbb was. Our alliance was so cute @Mandy Rose

    1. Mandy Rose

      Mandy Rose

      HBB was such an iconic season. Future seasons could never

  7. Nnn, i used it for the week to watch the xmen animated show then didnt renew. there's nothing else really on the service to watch.
  8. Netflix is really dominating. They have so much good content currently, Disney + died after the nostalgia faded and I’m still waiting for HBO max.
  9. The spider-man universe is cute.. but can we get more female characters? I hope they bring in blackcat or silversable soon
  10. This isn’t bad. I hope they use prosthetics over CGI. It just looks much better visually. Rebecca’s mystique look served, and that was in like 2000.
  11. This film looks fun, but unnecessary just like fast 8. They should have stopped at 7, which was so good.
  12. There was one era where all the girls had really big boobs. I always wondered 💀
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