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  1. Leave Trish & Mickie's legacy alone and come up with something new
  2. As if I needed more reason to keep my grip on Michelle McTrumpie's wig
  3. Idk for sure but this looks VERY suspect
  4. I hope discussions about the election are allowed in this thread because there are draggings waiting for Miss Bliss
  5. The list is so weird this year. A few girls left off over girls that haven't done anything notable and the order seems so random
  6. The night of that first women's rumble was amazing and the moment with Trish & Mickie was probably my favourite spot in the entire match. So glad they fought for it I just wish WWE would remember what an incredible talent that have in Mickie. She is literally THE total package and they refuse to take advantage of it.
  7. When did she ever? Impact being desperate to sign an average wrestler with no charisma seems very on-brand for them lately. Glad she worked it out with them though
  8. Waitttt they have alternate attires?? I don't remember Beth having this gear in a different screenshot
  9. Is this the real Dana Brooke??? Welcome back queen I hope they push you
  10. Buddy sounds like a labrador's name skfdls Happy for them tho
  11. Roman saying let me save this ugly ass main event
  12. Girl that bump Asuka just took gkdjgfk
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