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  1. Responding 3 weeks late nn but I think it's a combination of being older now with our lives changing and the landscape of women's wrestling changing too much from what we prefer. Everything is just so predictable now since WWE keeps pushing the same women over and over. There's not much to discuss when only 6 women ever get opportunities. But I'm glad Naomi is still active so I have a reason to care and keep up. I mostly just use twitter now. It's easier to use and I see a lot of my HB gorls on there so we're still interacting, just not directly on HB. I think the main hub is discord now
  2. tea. the white gays also tried it with Naysus with a few of her weaves. Lemme go through the archives and screenshot
  3. I don't really care for her. I miss when we use to make fun of her dry weave
  4. Having 3 of Sasha's reigns end at 27 days must be a running gag backstage...
  5. if only the same could be said about your conception! Call me in 2023 when Sasha finally wins it from Basil
  6. not the naomob having a glimmer of hope for 2 days only to see Sasha/Bayley is once again the endgoal for the SD title. Naysus deserves better than being a filler feud TWICE for this duo that will never actually break up i hate it here
  7. omg i rewatched and you're right it tore off. A mess
  8. waiting for wwe.com to confirm what's canon
  9. Asuka hasn't been serving it as champion so here for this plot twist
  10. Melissa McCarthy as Nia
  12. I'm giggling at the thought of them forgetting her existence rather than having no plans for her
  13. I mean who does he like besides the 4HW, Alexa, and Asuka? Just make it a division of 6 since that's what it already is.
  14. I hope the gorls check her quick she seems the type to act tough and stick her head up high so that her chin points to the ceiling to display some authority
  15. why didn't she insist on dropping the title if it was so bad? Working through it is the dumbest thing anyone can do. Look at AJ and Paige. Is the paranoia of losing your push as a woman so bad that they are willing to die if one move goes wrong? Bad decisions were made on both sides.
  16. maybe hollywood will be the one to tell her that she looks dirty
  17. these remakes have been hit and miss lately so am concerned
  18. I want my #SurvivingBethPhoenix documentary with Michelle, Candice, and Alicia as the main victims speaking out against this WENCH
  19. It's not her fault it was gif'd on HB and then used as a meme on twitter. People started asking her about it which dug up old wounds. Diva stans are the root of all the drama as usual.
  20. The fans ARE annoying, especially the Bucket stans who have been terrorizing every opponent she's feuded with on a personal level (the receipts are on twitter). The lifestyle wasn't for Ronda and her approach isn't politically correct, but do I think wrestling fans need to be clocked for being miserable souls who strive on bullying. The comments Nia received this week from her return were vile. Don't expect respect for the sport when you can't respect the people in it with basic human decency unless they're your faves.
  21. They don't have the range they think they do. And Dash never even fed us. Even Finn played the queer-baiting card better. Next!
  22. They did the same with Beth when Alicia was taller than her shgsvs
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