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  1. https://deadline.com/2021/04/aimee-garcia-aj-mendez-47-ronin-sequel-writers-1234740406/
  2. It's probably a better idea to take the Women's tag titles to NXT, because post-WrestleMania, I don't see the tag team titles being relevant on the main roster. Shayna & Nia have torn through every tag team already and will likely split and be on the hunt for the Raw Women's title held by either Charlotte/Rhea with Asuka in the hunt as well. Likewise with Smackdown, who only has Sasha, Bianca, Bayley and Carmella in the singles ranks and the Riott Squad and Natalya/Tamina for the tag ranks. Natalya/Tamina might end up being used as filler challengers for Bianca post-WM once she gets p
  3. And while Shotzi has the charisma and personality, her mic skills are kind of a mess and her wrestling is very hit-and-miss. Like she'll have great matches with those like Dakota, Candice and Io; but also have clunky affairs like with Toni Storm and Indi Hartwell.
  4. If NXT has any flaw in their women's division it's in regards to their Face-Heel balance. Rhea and Io are their Top Faces, but they're going to get called up in the next few months. What then, because once they're gone, there is going to be a severe lack of Top Faces. On the Heel side you got: Candice, Toni, Dakota, Raquel, a newly-returned Mercedes Martinez and Indi Hartwell. Meanwhile, on the Face side you only have Shotzi, Ember and Tegan Nox(who's knees are basically being held together by duct tape). And there hasn't been any standout girls in the PC crop, so they may have to
  5. I like how Dakota's Takeover gear/look has sentimental meaning. Takeover: In Your House and Takeover XXX, she was honoring Hana Kimura, and yesterday's gear she was honoring her Samoan heritage.
  6. So, I guess this is how they'll fix AEW's Women's Division. By partnering up with Impact, they gain access to Impact's women's division, the only other women's division that's on par with NXT.
  7. To be fair, they were teasing a Heel turn with Toni Storm in NXT UK earlier this year before the pandemic shut everything down.
  8. Didn't really do much good for Layla since she tore her ACL in that match which derailed whatever momentum she would've gained there.
  9. It's the same wrist that she broke last year
  10. With all these anti-mask, Qanon idiots in WWE and the PC, Roman Reigns may have been onto something when he left WWE because he didn't trust any of his co-workers to be safe and protect one another in regards to COVID.
  11. "I'll let you be Alistair Black...." Johnny's such a dork.
  12. Last time Asuka was doing anything relevant was when she was feuding with Bayley/Sasha this past summer.
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