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Found 15 results

  1. Basically as the title states, what are your favorite/best wrestling entrance themes? (past or present?) Discuss.
  2. Back when the WWE had the Divas Division (which consisted mainly of former models), the TNA Knockouts were serious and fierce fighters who combined beauty with athleticism. Do you think that the WWE Women's Division has been influenced a lot by the TNA Knockouts as of late?
  3. Impact has moved her profile to the alumni section on their website. Source - https://squaredcirclesirens.com/amp/sienna-departs-impact-wrestling/
  4. I'm curious to find out what is everyone's favorite wrestling origin stories (kayfabe wise). Obviously not everyone has one, but just list your personal favorites. For example, I think one of my faves regarding the women is Mickie. Debuted as Trish's obsessed fan who wrote her fan mail for years and winded up going crazy over her. So explain yours and you can name as many as you like. Also, its not limited to just WWE it can be any promotion.
  5. Impact ranked the top 5 most extreme knockout matches and here's what they chose: 5. Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde - Monsters Ball match at TNA Sacrifice 2009 4. Tara vs. Mickie James - Falls Count Anywhere at Final Resolution 2010 3. Rosemary vs. Jade - Last Knockout Standing on Impact Wrestling March 2nd 2017 2. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell - Last Knockout Standing at Slammiversary 2013 1. Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong - No Disqualification at Final Resolution 2008
  6. Brandi has removed all mentions of Impact Wrestling from her twitter profile, with her husband Cody on the horizon of finalizing where he's going to call home. Does this also mean (yes) that Brandi Rhodes will be leaving Impact Wrestling, and following him? (like the puppy she is and not an independent woman) Source: https://twitter.com/thebrandirhodes?lang=en
  7. http://whatculture.com/wwe/10-best-ever-tna-knockouts?page=1 Do you guys agree? Who would you list as the top 10 former/current knockouts?
  8. On June 10th 2010 NXT Season One Rookies made a quite historic debut on Monday Night Raw attacking everyone insight during the Main Event between John Cena and CM Punk. These NXT Rookies were trying to make a name for themselves, proving that they could do what every other WWE Superstar could do and even more; week in and week out taring the arena apart, attacking Ringside Workers and Interfering in matches. They proved to be one of the most dominant forces that the WWE Universe have ever witnessed to date. But my question is- if there was ever to be a female version of The Nexus, who would y
  9. I hope this is true. Awesome Kong was a fucking beast. I hope they dump Havok because she has sucked so far. Gail is the only thing that made her watchable.
  10. TNA asks fans which ring should they start using. Options are 4 sided ring or 6 sided ring. Which side wins, 4 sides or 6 sides, will be used not for one-time event, but in the future! VOTE HERE
  11. SOURCETNA are taping Impact tonight aswell More than likely they wont be featured until the next tapings in a few weeks, well, Brooke anyway. They might hold Taryn for off for a while till she works off her ring rust and Madison/Gail vs TBP wraps up.
  12. Gimmicks Over the last decade gimmicks and persona's have been implemented into wrestlers more and more, whether Superstar, Diva or Knockout. Some portrayed better than others. Recently, NXT have had a uprising in gimmicked wrestlers, some maybe just as odd as the ones we saw in WCW; where wrestlers were infamously known for their weird n' wacky gimmicks. But in the last few years what ones have caught your eye, made you laugh, cry, cringe or maybe even scream (laughter or not)? Whether Diva, Superstar or Knockout...DISCUSS!
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