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  1. In this week’s episode of NWA Powerrr, Melina Perez makes her debut and without uttering a word she still made a huge impact. She appeared during a tag team match between Marti Belle & Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox. Kay was seeking retribution on Belle and Rosa with the help of Vox by her side in this match. Melina played the catalyst as she caused the distraction to Kay just by being at ringside. Kay would lose the match from the distraction of Melina’s appearance as she was rolled up by Rosa who made the pin. After the match, Melina would enter the ring and raise
  2. So I recently talked to Melina about some of the highlights from her career. And things got juicy real fast. Let me know what you thought! Also, there's a Melina signed photo giveaway we're doing so make sure to check it out.
  3. And Melina talked about it. I mean Melina vs Naomi would be pretty epic. Both extremely athletic and creative. But I do think like how Beth and Michelle brought those golden matches out of Melina, Naomi would need one. Not sure if that's Melina..?
  4. As we all know, Sunny is an entire mess. It's also been said quite often that she was extremely difficult to work with during her time in the business. In more recent years, Melina is easily the woman who got the most backstage heat and caused the most drama. She also was many times labeled by her peers as hard to work with, catty, and (to put it quite simply) the one who caused the majority of the behind-the-scenes drama in the MMB era. Argue it all you want, but Melina tried her best to be the Regina George of her day. Without rehashing all the drama that the two started/dealt with
  5. I hope she'll make an appearance at Evolution before calling it a day. She sounds like she's moved on to happier things though.
  6. http://www.diva-dirt.com/146836/taya-valkyrie-and-johnny-mundo-marry/ Congrats to them!
  7. http://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/186241-bret-hart-praises-melina-shes-the-best-in-the-world Well? Did he lie?
  8. Eve: -She still feels like wrestling is a big part of her life -When they announced the Women's Royal Rumble when she was teaching women self-defense and right after she got home she received all the highlights of what's going on in the company and she was very emotional about it. She says she knows how much it means for the women that are currently there. -She knows she had a part in creating the revolution because that's how history works and she says that back when she was there, women were very frustrated because they didn't have important roles. That was one of the reasons
  9. On Alicia: “It’s crazy when you admire someone and then you meet someone. Let’s just put it that way…It’s like, you look up to this person, and not to say like this, but it was like, you know, for the longest time she was an Afr—, she was the only African American female there…knowing that, you know, with the little bit of knowledge I did have, I thought that was amazing. I liked her athleticism. I was like, ‘she’s dope.’ Until I feel like I met her, without saying too much, and it was just like, oh, the person that I really looked up to, it’s a little bit of a, a shocker. And we won’t, a
  10. Let's revive the iconic, real-life feud between two legends: Melina Perez and Candice Michelle from 2007, shall we. First: Candice dragging Melina for using her signature move she has been practicing on live shows: https://web.archive.org/web/20070217032824/http://www.wwe.com/superstars/raw/candice/candycoated/021507 let's see how the Paparazzi Queen herself clapped back: https://web.archive.org/web/20070225145727/http://www.wwe.com/superstars/raw/melina/internetconfessions/022307 Woo, the full drag and the receipts Melina posted left C
  11. I'm gonna be updating for those who don't wanna watch I love her so much, she is so nice and sweet.
  12. But not with WWE. She'll be making her in ring return this fall for some indy show which could cancel out the chances of her making a full time WWE return as speculated.
  13. http://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-reaches-out-to-more-former-talent-about-returning-to-the-company/
  14. Bra & Panties Match. Paddle on a Pole Match. Evening Gown Match. Lingerie Match. Bikini Match. Mud Wrestling Match. The T&A gimmick match was a staple of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras, but with the WWE’s PG rating and the recent retirement of the term Diva, the days of women ripping each others clothes off in front of excited crowds feels like another life time ago. So let’s take a look back at some of these matches from a previous era and send me a PM with your top 15 T&A matches with #1 getting 15 points and #15 getting one point. Deadline is 11pm EST M
  15. Women's wrestling has become sort of a buzz word for WWE and smart fans alike, brought about by women with real go inside the squared circle-- a drastic change from 'Divas' of the past. But, for Diva fans? Maybe not so much. Before the glamorization of treating women equivalently as athletes was made trendy, there have been a bevy of talented females in this decade that have demanded the respect of the audience when they got their time to shine; namely, the stars of the Divas division since the end of the 'Golden' era with Trish and Lita revealed themselves as Mickie James, Melina, Beth Ph
  16. Ultima Lucha Part 1 Black Lotus segment 1:46 Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc vs Disciples of death/ W Catrina 17:20 https://youtube.com/watch?v=-ZGpQscc7SU Ultima lucha Part 2 Melina Debut. 12:50 Black Lotus segment Sexy Star in a Seven way match for the Gift of the Gods Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes/W Catrina 4:00 Last Lucha Underground segment involving Black Lotus, Sexy Star and Ivelisse 26:00 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x30jqjf_rulez-lu-2015-08-05-hd-pt-3_tech
  17. And does it all in high heels. When will your fave come out of retirement and pull off her signature moves flawlessly in heels? 4:08 "I never forgot" Godlina serving us blurred lines dirtsheet realness to this day
  18. With the 300-day schedules of travel and throwing your body against an unforgiving canvas, it's no surprise that the Divas love their off days. So much so that Divas such as AJ Lee and Layla have almost become synonymous with taking lengthy stints away from the ring in the past year. For the sake of expanding the conversation beyond recent vacations to which the reasons of which are up in the air, we're opening this up to both sabbaticals that were due to both a physical need (injury) or a professional need (beef). Who's time spent away from the ring had the biggest impact on their divisio
  19. Many divas have had long, historic careers in WWE, but not every diva got immediate recognition --- a lot having to wait years for their shot. But then there are those select few who were immediately thrust into the spotlight, playing significant roles in major angles and such, and they never looked back. So which Diva do you feel had the most impressive and memorable rookie year of all time? Was it AJ with her soap opera storylines and main event love triangles? Was it Trish as the devilish valet turned Mr. McMahon's mistress? Was it the extreme Lita as the mega over member of the Hardy Boyz
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