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  1. According to Fightful Select, former two-time WWE women’s champion Victoria is interested in working as an agent or trainer for either WWE or IMPACT Wrestling if they need the help. The report notes that she isn’t opposed towards doing a “one-off” in-ring return for either promotion, but doesn’t want it to be a quick spot or without substance. However, she does mention that she retired back in September due to her body “feeling rough.” There’s also notes regarding her TNA run back in the day, and how she never originally planned to to join the competitor, but was given an offer and a
  2. Which Female Legends Do You Guys See Going Into WWE 2020 HOF?! Michelle McCool Kelly Kelly Victoria Stacy Keibler
  3. On “Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia”, Victoria told a story about asking Vince McMahon if she could bleed during the first ever WWE Women’s Steel Cage Match against Lita and what his response was. She also talks about leaving WWE and signing with TNA. Here are the highlights: On being told she was going to be wrestling a steel cage match: On wanting to bleed in the match: On why she decided to leave WWE: On why she signed with TNA: You can listen to the podcast here: https://411mania.com/wrestling/victoria-vince-mcmahon-bleed
  4. Today in WWE History (09/20/2004) : Victoria and Stacy Kiebler vs Molly Holly and Women’s Champion Trish Stratus What is everyones opinion on this match ? In my opinion it was very short but at least the story telling was consistent around this time and not really so random.
  5. I don't get it. She still wrestles and clearly wants to be involved with them, but they seem to have zero interest in using her. What's the story? Why do you guys think they refuse to use her?
  6. Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Victoria, Michelle McCool, and Candice Michelle are featured on this week's Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. https://www.podcastone.com/chasing-glory-with-lilian-garcia
  7. The Widow's Peak Freak would be a great addition to SD Live's women's division.
  8. We're about a month into this "new era" and WWE keeps trying to hammer this point home (you can stop now, JBL) despite not giving us anything, really, to back this claim. But what do you think? Will this era we're witnessing be the greatest in women's wrestling history (surpassing the revered Golden Era) or will WWE's laziness, lack of creativity and institutionalized main roster sexism make it just like the rest, only with potentially better PPV matches? Discuss.
  9. On Lucha Underground: “I’ve been at a few Lucha Underground shows recently which have been so much fun. Obviously, I’m really good friends with Chavo [Guerrero] who is a producer down there so it’s great to be able to go and see friends there but then just take my seat and relax. Those guys and gals put on quite a show. When you’re backstage at WWE or TNA he matches are going on but you’re not really paying attention to them as you’re getting ready for your own match so to be able to just sit back and chill out and enjoy the wrestling itself is a great feeling.” On the current WWE women’s
  10. Bra & Panties Match. Paddle on a Pole Match. Evening Gown Match. Lingerie Match. Bikini Match. Mud Wrestling Match. The T&A gimmick match was a staple of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras, but with the WWE’s PG rating and the recent retirement of the term Diva, the days of women ripping each others clothes off in front of excited crowds feels like another life time ago. So let’s take a look back at some of these matches from a previous era and send me a PM with your top 15 T&A matches with #1 getting 15 points and #15 getting one point. Deadline is 11pm EST M
  11. Blanchard worked the WrestleCon show that Lisa is referring to, and also recently had a one-off on the most recent NXT tapings.
  12. So this is pretty straight-forward and self explanatory but for those who are unsure let me explain, rate 10 girls who you think are the ten best divas in WWE history. No trolling or flamebait. Josh will be reported if he mentions Rosa/Costa Rican Trish anywhere in this thread.
  13. And does it all in high heels. When will your fave come out of retirement and pull off her signature moves flawlessly in heels? 4:08 "I never forgot" Godlina serving us blurred lines dirtsheet realness to this day
  14. Trish Stratus will headline Lasting Legacy: A Tribute to Women in Wrestling for her impressive contributions to sports entertainment/professional wrestling/women's wrestling. This convention will take place around the end of May and is recognized as the first-ever "convention focused around the women of the squared circle." Trish Stratus will be inducted by Lisa Marie Varon/Victoria/Tara. Also in attendance will be Lita, Ivory, Terri Runnels, Missy Hyatt, and a few other smaller names. Source Congratulations and highest praises to Trish for her amazing, groundbreaking achievements, imp
  15. Many divas have had long, historic careers in WWE, but not every diva got immediate recognition --- a lot having to wait years for their shot. But then there are those select few who were immediately thrust into the spotlight, playing significant roles in major angles and such, and they never looked back. So which Diva do you feel had the most impressive and memorable rookie year of all time? Was it AJ with her soap opera storylines and main event love triangles? Was it Trish as the devilish valet turned Mr. McMahon's mistress? Was it the extreme Lita as the mega over member of the Hardy Boyz
  16. From CAC board member David Buckler: “Lisa Marie has always been one of my favorite female performers because of her incredible versatility. She worked great programs with so many of the era’s top stars and found success in both WWE and TNA. She also displayed great artistry in creating her character, which in combination with her excellent ring work, makes her truly unique. Her Widow’s Peak is one the coolest finishers of all time. My friend in Chicago knows Lisa Marie pretty well and said she’s a true class act, which is no surprise. Lisa Marie is a real stand-out in the history of women’s
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