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  1. A place where you can discuss everything and anything that airs on the WWE Network exclusively (Divas mainly) as well as airings of WWE Main Event, NXT or any particular event or match from their library that you are enjoying. Streams: http://tvmazza.com/wwe-hd-live-streaming/
  2. Let's see how many times we can go through the alphabet one post at a time with a female wrestler for each letter of the alphabet! One name per post. l'll start us off with Angelina Love.
  3. So we're already a month into 2016 almost, but I still thought this thread would be appropriate. What are you 2016 Predictions and Hopes for women's wrestling? Better late than never!
  4. Did anybody else notice how commentary didn't refer to Paige as a former Divas Champion? They simply alluded to her as a "former 2x champion" I feel like the blacklisting of the term Diva is going a bit too far. Call it what it is. Cole even said something like Charlotte won the title back at NOC against Nikki, but never mentions the Divas title. Came off to me like he was trying to say that she won the Womens title from Nikki, when in fact she won it 2 weeks ago at WM. It just comes off super weird to me. If they can't even say that damn name of a retired belt, will they even show it
  5. A lot can change in a year and 2016 was definitely reflective of that... AJ Lee took her final bow, while Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch rose up to the main stage. Nikki Bella rose to the top of the Diva mountain by becoming the longest reigning champion in history, but soon after fell down with a career threatening injury. Bayley fell behind her NXT counterparts, but then became the face of NXT while delivering two classic matches worthy of a curtain call. It was a year of tears, chills and thrills and now it's time to vote for our favourite moments as we countdown to the
  6. Let's try to keep this discussion cute after the thread regarding the rumor that the Divas will be rebranded erupted into a mess (myself involved as well) and I genuinely would like to know the consensus. Simple question. If they do bring on a "Women's title" to replace our current, where would you prefer it fall? Do you want it to have it's own lineage and build again from the ground up? Do you want it to adopt the "Divas Championship" lineage and simply have it be a name/image change? Or would you want it to adopt the original "Women's Championship" lineage and simply have the title rea
  7. 3x (and now undefeated) Diva of the Year: AJ Lee It's that time of year again: the 4th Annual Heartbreakers Year End Awards is just weeks away! The committee is beginning to work at planning the big show, but for the third year we decided to open the floor up to you guys as well. For this thread, we're asking you to post your fave matches, moments and more for us to consider in selecting the final nominees. To be eligible, the nominees must have taken place between March 20, 2015 and March 20, 2016. ALL televised shows, including developmental, are eligible. No trolling (not that it matte
  8. I was on Twitter today, and I noticed some tweets regarding how if you only watch wrestling for the women, then you're literally not a wrestling fan. In my opinion, this is complete BS. Women's wrestling IS a form of wrestling, therefore, I feel like people that watch mainly for the women have a right to be called wrestling fans. I got into wrestling when I was 3, and the people that got me interested in wrestling were Sable, Chyna, and Jackie: all 3 women. I respect what the guys do, and I pay attention to them when something about their stuff interests me, but I've always been more into t
  9. WWE recently posted a photoshoot which highlighted their 50 favourite Divas Halloween Costumes. Well, now the roles are reversed and it's time for you to reveal and discuss your favourite... Diva Halloween Costumes!
  10. This is pretty fucking sweet, two divas matches ranked number 2 AND 3 on a list of the ten best matches on NXT in the last 2 years, this is actually pretty huge for all the girls involved. They ranked higher than Regal vs Cesaro, Jericho vs Bray Wyatt, a ladder match between Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas, Adrian Neville vs Corey Graves, Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville etc. It's good to see the divas from NXT getting so much recognition and it is a testament to the trainers and the talent down at the WWE performance center. Now, WWE all you have to do is give the main roster divas this exact amount
  11. Summer Rae has a huge, six page spread (and makes an appearance on the cover) in the September issue of Iron Man Magazine, available on some newsstands now, and everywhere tomorrow. The spread features some FIRE pics of this queen, as well as an interview where she talks about dropping her whole life to move to Chicago, working in the LFL, her life as a WWE Diva, her fitness and meal plans, and more! This is a huge deal as Summer / Danielle got this for herself, not from a deal with WWE, so be sure to support the good sis! You can buy the September issue online now, by clicking here, or head t
  12. I haven't made a discussion thread in a while (which is something I used to do all the time) so I thought this would be cute. What would you say are the 5 decade defining moments for the WWE Divas so far? If you're feeling up for it, you can do last decade as well, but I think that's far more simple/obvious fff SO?
  13. In pop music there were three girls once dubbed "the trinity". This is because at that point in their careers, they were the most successful and respected women in the industry and on certain message boards. Those three were Beyonce, Gaga and Britney. Clearly we're at a different point in their careers success wise, but you get the point lol. Anyway, I thought it would be cute if we dubbed our HB Trinity. I feel like I made this thread before, but I don't remember. Let's do it again anyway: pick the three girls you believe are the most successful and respected women in the WWE AND amongst
  14. Very few divas truly master the art of delivering a promo in front of millions of fans; whether it's in the middle of the ring or in a backstage segment. Who would you place in your top 10 Diva mic workers?
  15. Slay Nikki, beating out the entire male and female roster to snatch most improved. Naomis was deserved as well. She killed her heel turn and it made for some great television. It's a shame they didn't fully capitalize on her. She deserved her moment.
  16. Stephanie McMahon vs. Karen Jarrett: which woman was the better head bitch in charge and did more for their respective divisions during their time in it? Both manage to rally a lot of support whenever they become active, so I thought we'd settle on THE HBIC. I'm omitting their initial runs since they were more valets than they were authority figures. So think Stephanie circa 2013-present and Karen circa 2011.
  17. http://whatculture.com/wwe/ranking-every-wwe-and-nxt-diva-on-the-current-roster.php Thoughts? You can do your own ranking if you want
  18. Other Divas Stuff. http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/579805-wwe-live-event-results-515-state-college-pa-cena-vs-rusev-cage-match-paige-returns-ambrose-vs-harper-more Payback Preview?
  19. In just over a year's span, we've seen the WWE #GiveDivasAChance, the Bella Twins break up and make up, and AJ and Paige go from enemy to frenemy to friends(?). Stephanie McMahon returned to the ring, Awesome Kong and Angelina Love returned to TNA, Naomi broke away from the Funkadactyls, and NXT broke out as the must-see program for quality women's wrestling. To sum it all up, it's been a wild and crazy year in women's wrestling --- one we are sure never to forget. Now Heartbreakers: vote for your favorite female wrestlers and moments and help us crown the absolute best of the past year, just
  20. https://twitter.com/marcgraser/status/581869751049150464
  21. It's that time of year again: the 2014 Heartbreakers Year End Awards is just weeks away! The committee is already at work planning the big show, but for the second year we decided to open the floor up to you guys as well. For this thread, we're asking you to post your fave matches, moments and more for us to consider in selecting the final nominees. To be eligible, the nominees must have taken place in 2014. ALL televised shows, including developmental, are eligible. No trolling (not that it matters since we choose the final list anyway). For a full list of categories, see last year's show. So
  22. Mariah.

    Top Ten

    Choose only 5-10 women who you think perfectly captures the history of the Divas division (or women's wrestling in it's entirety) through time. Also feel free to debate anyone else's choices ofc!
  23. Inspired by reports that TNA officials are supposedly looking to refocus on the KO's division after "better than Divas" was a popular chant at last week's tapings. Do you agree? Disagree? State your reasoning.
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