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Found 10 results

  1. I didn't see this posted anywhere and I haven't caught up in ER so apologies if it's already been posted.
  2. The history of the WWE Women's Championship (and now Divas Championship) dates back to 1956.In the history of the WWE, there have been 37 different Women's Champions. This list is going to examine and rank the best Women's/Divas Championship matches of all time. There's been many great championship matches over the years and during this countdown we're going to examine the most significant, hard-hitting ones form the past-present. This countdown will be a top 15 list featuring matches for the WWE Diva's Championship & the WWE Women's Championship. No revealing your list until the countdow
  3. The Road to WrestleMania starts in just a few weeks, so I thought I should make a thread so we can begin predicting and speculating
  4. I was rewatching Trish and Litas HOF speeches today and it got me thinking, will be there a diva Hall of Fame induction in 2015 and who will it be? Trish and Lita were inducted before Sable so obviously it's not going by order of employment/generations. Do you think Sable should rightfully be inducted now that both Trish and Lita(arguably the two greatest divas of all time) have been inducted? Or do you think someone else is more deserving of that accolade? I've added a poll to this thread including the ten divas that I think are most likely to get inducted in the years to come. If your favo
  5. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2014/0728/579436/two-possible-gimmick-matches-at-summerslam/ If true this is fucking amazing, chances are it will be a submission or no DQ match. I'm hoping for the latter but both would be amazing. This marks the first proper divas stipulation match since TLC 2010 or Extreme Rules 2011 if you count the Loser Leaves WWE match between Layla and Michelle McCool. AJ and Paige will own and slay in this type of environment. The source also states in regards to Brie and Stephanie:
  6. Nikki Bella: 'I want to take on heel Paige for the Divas Championship' When you're stuck in a one-hand-behind-your-back battle with Alicia Fox, you know it's not going to end well. Nikki Bella - one half of The Bella Twins - found that out to her cost on Monday night (July 7) when Fox plain refused to play by the rules, taking on her opponent two-handed before dousing her with drinks, Stone Cold-style. © WWE Nikki Bella: "All I think about is getting that Divas Championship" Ahead of the UK launch of Total Divas on E! later this month, Digital Spy caught up with Nikki to chat about sta
  7. He only mentions it for a minute during his sit down interview, but I think it's worth noting to get everyone more excited than they already are and give an idea that there are strong hands on deck . He usually mentions just major things, so this has me hyped as hell. Happens at 1:13
  8. After reading back over the "Tarnished Title Lineage" thread that Mariah made a while back, an idea popped into my head. Out of the 14 divas currently on the main roster(15 if we include Brie Bella) who do you all see as future champions? I'm talking about girls that you think/know will eventually capture the coveted butterfly belt. I also want to know who you think should become champion and why that particular diva would help to benefit the division as a whole. If you choose to do so you can also discuss future NXT Womens Champions here as well or even divas from NXT that you think might h
  9. Hi! I don't remember if a similar thread was constructed before, but I'll do this anyway. Both the Women's and Diva's title have had some less than stellar moments and reigns. Basically all I'm asking is if you could replace any maximum of 3 title reigns for each title, which would you replace, who would you replace it with and why? It could be a deserving uncrowned champion, an extension of a reign or another title reign for an already crowned champion. Also take into consideration what was going on at the time. Be realistic.
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