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  1. (images courtesy of WWE.com) While appearing as a guest on WWE Backstage, Charlotte Flair was asked to look back at the five year anniversary of #GiveDivasAChance, along with Paige. Most notably, Renee Young immediately credits AJ Lee and her pipebombshell, along with the Bella Twins, for getting the ball rolling for the revolution. Paige piggy backs to say AJ Lee was the first person to really make people take notice of the division, namely with her mic work (it's AJ who, in her opinion, is the best woman ever on the mic). Charlotte and Paige then both talk about how while they were
  2. WWE Backstage analyst CM Punk took to Twitter on Thursday and revealed the people he wants to see on the show – Sasha Banks, Rhea Ripley, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka & Kairi Sane. “People I want on #WWEBackstage @WWEonFOX: @itsBayleyWWE @SashaBanksWWE @KairiSaneWWE @WWEAsuka and @RheaRipley_WWE. That’s it. @ReneeYoungWWE @RealPaigeWWE,” Punk wrote. Punk’s wife, former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, then responded to a fan who asked if she would be appearing on the show because she’s friends with these wrestlers Punk named. AJ sa
  3. - You can listen here, the fab *winces* four (I guess we have to include recent cast off P*ige in this writing since she's the featured guest, but she's still not shit) talk happens in the first 15 minutes (don't know if it continues, I turned it off when P*ige started talking about her man). Much of it is how those four women are overlooked today and don't get enough credit.
  4. Long title reigns can really help build the prestige and honor one receives after finally dethroning a champion. However, for a linear WWE women's division in which multi-layered storylines and consistently protected protagonists are few and far in between, these attempts to build up a title through a champion are questionable in their effectiveness. While there have been plenty of multi-month runs with women's championships in the past decade, I've narrowed it down to the five that are the most referenced and relevant in the current landscape of the WWE's women's division. Now, it's up
  5. She reflects on her Divas title match against AJ at Elimination Chamber 2014 above. Thoughts?
  6. Though her wrestling career is well in her rear view mirror, the WWE Universe is the clingy ex-girlfriend that just keeps leaving voicemails. From fans, talent to (seemingly) the company itself, ahead of the upcoming all women's pay-per-view, WWE Evolution, fans have been clamoring for an appearance of some sort from iconic three-time Divas Champion, AJ Lee. AJ, now known professionally as AJ Mendez (her real name) has been working in promotion of her New York Times best-selling memoir, Crazy is My Superpower, and as a mental health advocate since leaving WWE in 2015. Names such as Raw
  7. August 26, 2013, AJ Lee TORE the Divas Division A Much Deserved New One! August 26, 2013, the beacon of light for during that time AJ Lee tore the diva's division a much deserved new one. Shocked and confused as to why AJ turned down the opportunity to become a cast member of the hit reality show Total Divas, Vince granted AJ the opportunity to explain herself LIVE on Raw where she delivered one of the most bone-chilling DIVAS promos of all time which was named soon after the Pipe-Bombshell. Let's take a moment to reflect on this historic moment that will forever be in the
  8. Two weeks ago Stephanie made a historic announcement when she confirmed the first ever all women PPV called Evolution, this event will take place this fall in Uniondale, NY and women from the past, present and the future are set to appear. Talking about former superstars WWE.com did a poll asking people who they want to return, the poll included Kelly Kelly, Layla, Beth Phoenix and many more but the most voted was AJ, who left in 2015. There are rumors about WWE officials trying to contact with her, but would the black widow accept it?
  9. http://www.pwpix.net/aj-lee-wwe-evolution/
  10. Source: http://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/cm-punk-aj-lee-to-star-in-upcoming-horror-film/
  11. CM Punk's better half finally shared her perspective in day five of a lengthy civil trial between Punk, Scott "Colt Cabana" Colton and Dr. Chris Amann from the WWE, stemming from the former pair's well-documented 'Art of Wrestling' podcast in the fall of 2014, months after Punk's departure from the company. Though her testimony has hardly been the juiciest in the trial (Punk had broken down in tears on the stand on a previous day of court, as well as Amann almost shedding a tear over fans sending him nasty messages on Twitter during Thanksgiving), there are some interesting tidbits from her
  12. Lemme know: do you stan a fashion icon; her reach expanding beyond the wrestling industry, to inspiring popular faces in media? Because I do!
  13. In 2015, AJ Lee called out Stephanie McMahon on the poor conditions given to the Divas despite getting ratings and selling merch. 3 years have passed and the women have been given more TV time and the opportunity to main event TV regularly and two PPV events. However the pay situation doesn’t seem to have changed. Charlotte Flair was profiled on WWE Photoshoot on the Network and she was talking about how she lives in apartment. The top female star should be getting the same money as the top male stars and should be able to afford to live in a palatial estate like John Cena.
  14. Smackdown Raw Impact Pay-Per-View STEPHANIE McMAHON - 11 Stephanie McMahon vs. Jacqueline - Smackdown March 30, 2000 Stephanie McMahon, Triple H & Kurt Angle vs. Lita & The Dudley Boyz - Smackdown August 3, 2000 Stephanie McMahon vs. Lita - Raw August 21, 2000 Stephanie McMahon & Kurt Angle vs. Lita & The Rock - Smackdown August 24, 2000 Stephanie McMahon & Triple H vs. Trish Stratus & Kurt Angle - Raw January 22, 2001 Stephanie McMahon, Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Team Xtreme - Raw, April 9 2001 Stephanie McMahon & Test vs. The Rock - Raw
  15. Expanding on their TV special counting down the top 25 moments in Raw History, WWE.com added a photo gallery of more Raw moments counting down from 100, managing to encompass a few moments starring women. Listed below are said moments along with their ranking: If you'd like to flick through the photo gallery and see the full countdown, check it out here and sound off below!
  16. I was never an AJ Lee stan (just not my cup of tea), but props to her. That's huge!
  17. source: Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/user/agendapodcast/timeline-of-the-revolution Podcast is 4 hours long ...so if anybody wants to listen to it to see if any other dirt is in there
  18. AJ Lee is Britney Spears (taken from this post and expanded upon) - Britney's first taste of the spotlight was on a show with other future pop stars called The Mickey Mouse Club. AJ Lee's first taste of the spotlight was on a show with other future Divas called NXT. - Britney got her start in the music industry in a little known girl group. They broke up shortly after. AJ Lee made her main roster debut as one half of the Chickbusters, a little tag team who had to claw their way to the top. They broke up months later. - Britney then released her debut solo alb
  19. Source: http://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/wwe-wants-cm-punk-to-return/
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