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Found 8 results

  1. As of August 14th, it's been 8 years since a little idea to create a home for a small group of us women's wrestling fans exploded into a movement to have our voices heard throughout all nerddom communities, governed by cishet men. We've fallen onto slower days, but I think I speak for many of us when I say that this will always be our home; a home that we built together, to stand resilient and strong amidst the changing world wide web and world at large. I love and thank every single one of you for helping to make this one of my greatest accomplishments in life. You all have changed my life ex
  2. It was only a few short months ago that Heartbreakers was reborn as a forum dedicated to geek culture, catering to a LGBTQ+ persons, cis women and PoC audience. But it was on this day SEVEN years ago that the idea to create a women's wrestling forum at a time when those were thought to be extinct was brought to life. All that we've managed to accomplish in the years to follow has been beyond both mine and my former co-owner's wildest dreams. And there's still so much more to accomplish now that myself, alongside current admins @Shoaib. and @Jake, decided to embark on a new journey and expand o
  3. 5 years. 60 months. 261 weeks. 1,825 days. 43,800 hours. 2,628,000 minutes. 1,037,967 posts. 10,715 topics. When you put forth all the numbers that reflect HB's rich history, it becomes evident how far we've come since August 14, 2012 when Taylor and I set out to create a carefree place where a visible minority in the wrestling community can be heard. It's numbers like these that make you realize that through sheer passion, nurturing and effort, anything can be achieved. That's something I've learned and hope I can say the same for when I walk awa
  4. Happy Birthday to my other half and best friend @Michael Psyches It's your special day and even if you didn't want the attention I'm forcing it on you. I hope that you have a special day filled with love and family and awesomeness and ... and ... CAKE! You are my absolute best friend and I could not imagine a day going by on this site and not having you be apart of it. So make the most of today because it's the only day that is actually all about you (despite what you may think otherwise). Love you
  5. Nicki looks interesting here, kii! @Dante., it goes without saying that you're my fave and I hope that you have an amazing day today but even beyond that, I hope that you realize that today is huge for you because it's your first official day of adulthood. You hit a major milestone today and because of that, maybe next time that you talk about how you're a "grown ass man," I won't make fun of you since you're technically an adult now. No promises though! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROTHER!!!
  6. Four years ago today, Taylor and I opened Heartbreakers and hoped it would become a place where people from all walks of life can gather and talk freely about a sport that's been looked down upon for decades: women's wrestling. Four years later, our wishes came true, as cliche as it sounds. Heartbreakers has grown into not only the underground mecca for women's wrestling, but also a place where people can be themselves and come together like one fucked up family, lol. We've laughed together. We've fought with each other. We've perved over the male wrestlers together. We've watched women's wres
  7. Happy Birthday bae, wishing you all the best and more on this very special day. You literally deserve all good things and more. Don't get too hammered. XOXOX
  8. HB turns two today, and we'd like to thank everyone who made it possible. Originals – thank you for staying with us for so long while we found our footing and rose to the top! We love you! New wave – you helped us get to the top and we're so pleased that you've made this your home for women's wrestling news and discussion. We love you too! Future – what are you waiting for? Join today, because time goes by so slowly for those who wait!
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