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  1. During an interview with Hannibal TV, Cameron gave her thoughts on why she was released by the WWE. Here’s what she had to say: You can listen below:
  2. She reflects on her Divas title match against AJ at Elimination Chamber 2014 above. Thoughts?
  3. On Alicia: “It’s crazy when you admire someone and then you meet someone. Let’s just put it that way…It’s like, you look up to this person, and not to say like this, but it was like, you know, for the longest time she was an Afr—, she was the only African American female there…knowing that, you know, with the little bit of knowledge I did have, I thought that was amazing. I liked her athleticism. I was like, ‘she’s dope.’ Until I feel like I met her, without saying too much, and it was just like, oh, the person that I really looked up to, it’s a little bit of a, a shocker. And we won’t, a
  4. Cameron recently on Leaving WWE This statement recently made by her had me thinking: Will we ever see Cameron in a WWE ring again? But then I re-thought about it and asked myself... "She's not wrestling ANYWHERE else to prove that she's serious about the business, and getting better. Does she really think WWE will bring her back despite that? Let's get the discussion poppin' below! I wanna see what you all think!
  5. In this following episode of #AskArianeAnything, she answers any creative ideas she had while in WWE, tips on being a WWE Female Superstar, Women's Revolution, coming back to reality TV, and more.
  6. Where does she see herself in 5 years? Does she want kids? And she congrats Alexa Bliss on winning the title. Says she's a really sweet girl.
  7. I know Netflix's GLOW show starts filming this month. Perhaps she's landed a role. It would make sense given that she's already got prior wrestling experience.
  8. Some of you probably don't know, but i have recently started professional wrestling training just early this month, it was recently just a 30 day trial to see if i wanted to continue and i must say, it pretty much sucks (I am still not comfortable doing back bumps, and my cardio sucks balls), but i do plan on going back, hopefully in July, so at the moment i am saving up for the actually training. So anyway, at the end of my last session, my trainer sat down with me, and was asking me if i wanted to continue, and what i plan on doing in wrestling. I clearly told him that i wanted t
  9. Yes, it's up! Kicking off her post-WWE media tour. I'm about to give it a listen now. Interested to know what you all think about it. http://podcastone.com/pg/jsp/program/episode.jsp?programID=542&pid=1651789
  10. THANK YOU. Thank you to all the employees behind the scenes who work hard to provide us with everything we need. Thank you to all the trainers and coaches at the performance center and at NXT who worked with an inexperienced girl like me and taught me so much. Thank you to Mr. McMahon and his family for giving me an opportunity to live out a dream and experience some of the most incredible things. Thank you to all the superstars and divas that have become my family. I have made some lifelong friends and have met some incredible performers who are truly amazing people. And last, but certainly n
  11. SIGNS OF RELEASE: 1. Removal from Total Divas. 2. Cameron being moved to NXT. 3. Cameron not being pushed in NXT, then coming back to the Main Roster. 4. Emma getting a Wrestlemania spot before Cameron. 5. Not being used for anything. Do you guys think Cameron will be released it seems WWE has nothing to do with her and this saddens me because she's great @ promos and her wrestling isn't terrible.
  12. omg she got rid of the purple hair TLDR She wanted to go down to NXT because she wasn't happy being mediocre and knew in her heart that she wanted to accomplish her dream hone her craft and give it 150% but she knows she might never get called up again She is going to do more music in 2016 (yaas) She wants that one good storyline on the roster so she can finally say to her mom that she made it aw Say's her best opponent so far has been Adrienne/Athena but we've just not seen it televised yet and they have amazing chemistry Hinted that total divas was giving peop
  13. Alexa Bliss Vs Cameron http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3rlig8_alexa-bliss-vs-cameron_fun Bayley vs Carmella for the NXT Women's Championship http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3rj3ye_bayley-vs-carmella_sport
  14. Probably just because a lot of the talent are overseas doing the Germany tour, but all the same, I'm happy for her and it's still a great thing for Cameron!
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