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Found 18 results

  1. Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Victoria, Michelle McCool, and Candice Michelle are featured on this week's Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. https://www.podcastone.com/chasing-glory-with-lilian-garcia
  2. For her last match https://instagram.com/p/BZ2miPdlcYc/
  3. On October 22 2007, Candice Michelle legitimately cracked her clavicle during her rematch for the Women's Title against Beth Phoenix in a two out of three falls match. The injury completely ruined any momentum she had and her career never recovered after that. It also didn't help that she had become injury prone, and that her looks (Something very important to WWE at the time and one of the main reasons why they preferred to push her and Ashley instead of Mickie in 2007) were fading fast. How do you feel that her career would've turned out had she never gotten injured? Personally, I feel
  4. Bra & Panties Match. Paddle on a Pole Match. Evening Gown Match. Lingerie Match. Bikini Match. Mud Wrestling Match. The T&A gimmick match was a staple of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras, but with the WWE’s PG rating and the recent retirement of the term Diva, the days of women ripping each others clothes off in front of excited crowds feels like another life time ago. So let’s take a look back at some of these matches from a previous era and send me a PM with your top 15 T&A matches with #1 getting 15 points and #15 getting one point. Deadline is 11pm EST M
  5. It was October 22nd, 2007, WWE RAW was sold out in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a night filled with tons of action and in ring Diva Search shenanigans. On this night two divas would have one of the biggest matches in their career. On one side a diva who was trying to prove she was more than a pretty face and on the other side, a "woman" who was proving she was a force to be reckon with. The storyline was set up like the female David vs Goliath. Who would have thought by the end of the night, a career would be over. On October 22nd, we would see Candice Michelle vs Beth Phoenix in a 2 out of three f
  6. again! Someone's trying to say hiiiiiiah!.... https://twitter.com/DIVACANDICEM/status/558079021079363585
  7. Injuries have plagued the women of wrestling since the beginning of time and they have derailed the careers and momentum of females who were either at the top of the division or were poised to to become the top diva at a certain point in time. Candice Michelle and Christy Hemme suffered career ending injuries when both were at their peak in their respective companies. Lita suffered a near career ending injury in 2002 that kept her out of action for over a year and a half and during that time Trish Stratus had taken over the women's division that many thought Lita would be dominating. Various
  8. On his Talk is Jericho podcast with Miz and Justin Roberts Jericho tells this little story, 'Brian Gerwitz wanted Candice Michelle to be the first Diva to never have a tongue. She wouldn't have a tongue, she wouldn't be able to talk. She'd just go kwaaa hwaa and point at things.' It was pretty funny, you can hear at : http://podcastone.com/Talk-Is-Jericho. From 30:05 They also talk about Maryse with Miz quite a lot. Miz talks about the Diva search and apparently two girls on there I don't know he had ex relations with whilst he was judging them all.
  9. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xx8k8i_candice-michelle-vs-melina_sport http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5yv9v_mickie-james-vs-katie-lea-burchill_sport http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcq5tn_michelle-mccool-c-vs-melina-wwe-wom_sport http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xa1ag2_wwe-noc-09-mickie-james-vs-maryse-d_sport http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xey2wm_michelle-vs-melina-noc-2010_shortfilms http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xtqmh7_night-of-champion
  10. In late 2006 the two greatest divas of all time, Trish Stratus and Lita hung up their wrestling boots and retired from active in-ring competition in the WWE. Since then we have seen numerous girls come and go as some have flourished whilst others havedrowned. My question to you is since their departure, which feud in the divas division would you consider to be the best in almost every aspect? The question is not what your favourite is, it's what you would consider to be the best overall feud ranging from segments, matches, alliances, swerves etc. Discuss
  11. :excited: Maria & K2 in the same pic!! Also K2 mentioned Maria on her tweet. Glad everything is fine between them now :D they look amazing. oh Candice, Mickie, Brooke and Winter looked great as well.
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