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Found 14 results

  1. Let's try to keep this discussion cute after the thread regarding the rumor that the Divas will be rebranded erupted into a mess (myself involved as well) and I genuinely would like to know the consensus. Simple question. If they do bring on a "Women's title" to replace our current, where would you prefer it fall? Do you want it to have it's own lineage and build again from the ground up? Do you want it to adopt the "Divas Championship" lineage and simply have it be a name/image change? Or would you want it to adopt the original "Women's Championship" lineage and simply have the title rea
  2. The history of the WWE Women's Championship (and now Divas Championship) dates back to 1956.In the history of the WWE, there have been 37 different Women's Champions. This list is going to examine and rank the best Women's/Divas Championship matches of all time. There's been many great championship matches over the years and during this countdown we're going to examine the most significant, hard-hitting ones form the past-present. This countdown will be a Top 15 list featuring matches for the WWE Diva's Championship & the WWE Women's Championship. The Official countdown will be
  3. While WWE tends to let us down more often than not, this week's Divas #1 contender's battle royale has huge implications. With the retirement of top babyface Diva AJ Lee, the winner of this battle royale could go on to fill those Chuck Taylor's as the new "it" girl. With Total Divas hinting that Divas Champion Nikki Bella and her sister Brie will be taking their final bow and Paige leaving for several weeks to film a WWE Studios film, this young lady could be expected to carry the entire division! Who do you think will be the one to rise to the top of the division? Will Naomi finally cras
  4. Stephanie McMahon has denied the rumor that a Total Diva cast member cannot be the Divas Champion in an interview with Yahoo! Sports Link to interview: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/the-turnstile/stephanie-mcmahon-q-a---i-love-to-play-the-bad-guy-000320414.html
  5. Nikki Bella: 'I want to take on heel Paige for the Divas Championship' When you're stuck in a one-hand-behind-your-back battle with Alicia Fox, you know it's not going to end well. Nikki Bella - one half of The Bella Twins - found that out to her cost on Monday night (July 7) when Fox plain refused to play by the rules, taking on her opponent two-handed before dousing her with drinks, Stone Cold-style. © WWE Nikki Bella: "All I think about is getting that Divas Championship" Ahead of the UK launch of Total Divas on E! later this month, Digital Spy caught up with Nikki to chat about sta
  6. I'm so excited about potential feuds & matches, so let's make a poll! You can pick multiple choices, also discuss in the comments. Let's get excited guys!
  7. This year many things have happened that many weren't sure ever would. AJ Lee became the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion in the titles 6 year history which at the time had seen 20 title reigns shared between 15 women in her first title reign. The previous record had been 214 days and AJ surpassed that record with an impressive 295 days as champion. Paige debuted and became the first ever woman to win the Divas Championship in her debut match. The only other woman to win a title in her debut was Gail Kim back in 2003 but that was in a battle royal and Paige won the title in a singles match
  8. Starts at 13:54 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k7M6R8r9se37Oi7oFSO
  9. Would you, the Heartbreakers community, be here for the feud of the century? How would you book a feud between the greatest pure wrestlers of the Divas division? Discuss. And Keep it cute.
  10. Don't need to go into too much detail. Simply who do you think is going to WrestleMania XXX and why? What do you think they'll be doing? Explain your choices.
  11. http://www.diva-dirt.com/2014/03/04/aj-lee-set-to-break-another-divas-title-record/ AJ Lee is about to break another record as Divas Champion. AJ, who broke the record for longest Divas Title reign in January, is set to break Maryse's record for longest combined reigns. Barring a title loss at tonight’s SmackDown tapings, AJ will surpass Maryse’s 265 days, which were accumulated over two reigns. AJ currently stands at 261 days, with only SmackDown between her and the record.
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