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Found 4 results

  1. (images courtesy of WWE.com) While appearing as a guest on WWE Backstage, Charlotte Flair was asked to look back at the five year anniversary of #GiveDivasAChance, along with Paige. Most notably, Renee Young immediately credits AJ Lee and her pipebombshell, along with the Bella Twins, for getting the ball rolling for the revolution. Paige piggy backs to say AJ Lee was the first person to really make people take notice of the division, namely with her mic work (it's AJ who, in her opinion, is the best woman ever on the mic). Charlotte and Paige then both talk about how while they were
  2. We're about a month into this "new era" and WWE keeps trying to hammer this point home (you can stop now, JBL) despite not giving us anything, really, to back this claim. But what do you think? Will this era we're witnessing be the greatest in women's wrestling history (surpassing the revered Golden Era) or will WWE's laziness, lack of creativity and institutionalized main roster sexism make it just like the rest, only with potentially better PPV matches? Discuss.
  3. With Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte (w/ Ric Flair) (c) confirmed for WM and Asuka vs. Bayley (c) confirmed for the NXT Dallas Network event two nights prior, which do you think will be the match we end up leaving the weekend with stuck in our minds? Things to consider: - NXT has been known to outshine the main roster on numerous occasions, but it's normally with the women involved in the WM match - the 3/4 of the horsewomen have yet to have a match the caliber of their NXT outings since being called up, although there is a lot of pressure and spotlight on just them th
  4. With heavy speculation that we'll see the four top women in NXT called up all at once, does that put some of the women on the main roster's careers at risk? Granted, just a few months ago the division lost their top Diva, so a spot for someone new to rise up was made available. However that's ONE spot, not FOUR and with no brand split and 12 working Divas (13 if Eva is going back and forth between NXT and main like Emma), would there even be enough room? Do you think some of the Divas' jobs are in jeopardy and if so, who? Could we be faced with a few retirements as well, hence why WWE could po
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