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Found 23 results

  1. Source: https://www.wwe.com/shows/wwe-hall-of-fame/wwe-hall-of-fame-2021/article/molly-holly-wwe-hall-of-fame-class-2021 A humble and praiseworthy pioneer. It's about time. I'm so happy and excited for Molly. Congratulations!
  2. Today in WWE History (09/20/2004) : Victoria and Stacy Kiebler vs Molly Holly and Women’s Champion Trish Stratus What is everyones opinion on this match ? In my opinion it was very short but at least the story telling was consistent around this time and not really so random.
  3. Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Victoria, Michelle McCool, and Candice Michelle are featured on this week's Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. https://www.podcastone.com/chasing-glory-with-lilian-garcia
  4. Hope you enjoyed my notes. Ps. I really dislike Colt Cabana so this was a chore.
  5. Molly is now the lead female coach for Daivari/Mr Kennedy's wrestling school. http://www.theacademyprowrestling.com/staff With her husband in jail she should have tried to secure a job at the Performance Centre.
  6. We're about a month into this "new era" and WWE keeps trying to hammer this point home (you can stop now, JBL) despite not giving us anything, really, to back this claim. But what do you think? Will this era we're witnessing be the greatest in women's wrestling history (surpassing the revered Golden Era) or will WWE's laziness, lack of creativity and institutionalized main roster sexism make it just like the rest, only with potentially better PPV matches? Discuss.
  7. It's no secret WWE's Be A Star anti-bullying campaign is a bunch of bullshit. Some of the best women to ever compete in a WWE ring have been subjected to horribly personal and degrading storylines. I'm going to share some that I feel were unacceptable on their behalf and we can discuss it, add your two cents and do the same. 1. Molly Holly has a fat ass www.dailymotion.com/video/xxku5k_kotr-trish-stratus-vs-molly-holly_sport The worst of this angle took place at King of the Ring 2002. I watched this match yesterday not remembering how cruel the commentary is. Especially from J
  8. The women included are Bobcat (aka Godfather's Ho), Mighty Molly, Trish Stratus and Terri Runnels. Lilian Garcia also makes a cameo in the video
  9. Selling is a term, used to describe the act of making wrestling look more believable to its audience. Like wrestling itself, selling is an art form and can turn a decent match into an epic five-star clash. Selling is probably the most underrated aspect of wrestling. Not only does selling allow wrestling to appear more realistic it also allows for wrestlers and moves to seem more dangerous and devastating.Wrestlers that are great at selling make their opponents look great in the process. The purpose of this thread is to crown the the best seller in WWE Diva history, This countdown is restri
  10. Over on Smackdown! Sable, Dawn Marie & Torrie Wilson take the spot for the Holy Trinity of the show. However has anyone really thought about who were the top two divas along with the Queen Trish Stratus that helped define, shape and bring a new dynamic to the women's division over on the RAW brand? Please vote & give reasonings as to why your choice is what it is and don't forget those receipts
  11. Since we can't edit our old posts, here's one from a year back that I didn't want to lose. No big. This one's a pleasure to re-post, especially since I can add stuff that wasn't in the original version. 11 years ago saw what many consider the greatest Wrestlemania Divas match, ever. It's either that one or Trish vs Mickie at Wrestlemania 22. But, the build-up for the Women's Championship match at Wrestlemania 19 was fantastic in itself. It's really hard to imagine an over six month build to a Divas match at Wrestlemania, today. WWE Creative needs to take a look at how it used to be
  12. [embed=425,349] [/embed] This is the first second time a Divas match has ever been in Zack Ryder's Iced 3 YouTube series, so I thought it'd be appropriate to put it here, since it does have a Divas match
  13. [embed=425,349] [/embed] A lot of an interesting points were mentioned here! never notice how Cute Molly is Enjoy
  14. [embed=425,349] [/embed] 10- Jeff Hardy Swanton Bombs himself onto a table 9- Mike Awesome powerbombs Rhyno onto a ladder to win the Hardcore Championship 8- Crash Holly shoves a parking lot guy into the boot of a car 7- Rhyno Gored a trolley 6- Mighty Molly becomes the Hardcore Champion 5- Gerald Brisco gives Pat Patterson a bronco buster when both men were in drag 4- Undertaker chokeslams RVD off of the stage 3- Crash Holly owns the Headbangers in a ball park 2- Hardcore Holly and Al Snow brawl in a river 1- Shane McMahon makes a 50 foot drop onto a table after getting hit by Steve Blackma
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