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  1. (images courtesy of WWE.com) While appearing as a guest on WWE Backstage, Charlotte Flair was asked to look back at the five year anniversary of #GiveDivasAChance, along with Paige. Most notably, Renee Young immediately credits AJ Lee and her pipebombshell, along with the Bella Twins, for getting the ball rolling for the revolution. Paige piggy backs to say AJ Lee was the first person to really make people take notice of the division, namely with her mic work (it's AJ who, in her opinion, is the best woman ever on the mic). Charlotte and Paige then both talk about how while they were
  2. As noted, the latest episode of WWE’s “After The Bell” podcast features host Corey Graves talking to Paige, Charlotte Flair and The Street Profits. Paige talked about how much she enjoys working on WWE Backstage, and joked about how she’s always fighting for air time with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T because he talks a lot. She also mentioned how there’s a “cuss jar” that the hosts apparently have to put money into when they let expletives slip. Paige noted that the filming process is very quick and easy, taking just a few hours from the production meeting until when they wrap filming.
  3. - You can listen here, the fab *winces* four (I guess we have to include recent cast off P*ige in this writing since she's the featured guest, but she's still not shit) talk happens in the first 15 minutes (don't know if it continues, I turned it off when P*ige started talking about her man). Much of it is how those four women are overlooked today and don't get enough credit.
  4. With a budget of 11 million, a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92% Fresh and a Metacritic score of 70%, how much do you think this biopic about WWE Superstar Paige will gross at the box office total? Will she be a sleeper hit? A moderate one? A flop? A cult classic? Will YOU be watching?
  5. Paige stated that it was not WWE who was holding back the ladies from regularly performing in the ring but rather it was fans not taking them seriously. “It was never WWE holding the women back,” stresses Paige. “It was the fans not taking them seriously. They wanted to see more of the male characters many years ago. It was a male dominated sport. When I first started, there were only five women there. It was a struggle but WWE just believed in us. When I got into the ring, I wanted to prove to the fans that girls were capable of having good matches and sometimes, even better. That was ki
  6. Which one of you phaggots were bullying her for saying Paige is the reason Women Wrestling is being taken seriously
  7. Source: https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2019/01/wwe-announces-chronicle-special-on-paige-and-her-retirement-650208/
  8. When it comes to breaking glass ceilings and proving themselves this last generation of girls are kicking some serious ass. Im just wondering how much is too much, with how Paige got injured last year and now with Alexa and those rumors, have the women starting going too hard where they end their career extremely short and as fans are we putting to much on them? I love this era but i am scared for alot of these young women who seem to have to retire before 30. Ive been thinking about this and i wanted to see how others felt as well
  9. Source: https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2018/11/paige-educates-individual-who-criticizes-how-wwe-women-647503/
  10. I won't go into full cliffs, but it was good. It was largely about her coming to terms with retiring from in-ring competition, using her platform to help women after all that she's been through and to promo Total Divas. But this stuff stood out: On Liv Morgan's Injury On Alberto Del Rio
  11. Source: https://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=118200
  12. Pretty straight forward: which stable do you think is better and which stable will enjoy better booking, more success as a unit and breed the bigger stars?
  13. Paige was on the Edge & Christian podcast and explains what truly happened the day she got injured. Some other key notes are: She was told she'd be going to SD after her retirement speech and found out she'd be General Manager the day of the show, says she can never wrestle again and says her injury is more similar to Edge's than Daniels and said he returned since his problems were more concussion related rather than neck/spinal, her movie comes out March 1st, 2019 and she's in talks with WWE about bringing back Talking Smack with Renee Young. This was a pret
  14. There haven’t been any reports of concerns about the picture from MGM, who purchased the distribution rights for a hefty $17.5 million, WWE Studios or Johnson’s camp. The report says the reason for the move is to get away from a busy Sept. 14 weekend headlined by the latest movie in the Predator franchise. http://deadline.com/2018/04/dwayne-johnson-wrestling-drama-fighting-with-my-family-rolls-into-2019-1202378482/ On its new date, Fighting With My Family gets out of a headlock of a weekend against Fox’s Predator, Sony/Studio 8’s White Boy Rick, and Lionsgate’s dark comedy A Simple F
  15. Now that Paige has asserted her new role as Daniel Bryan's replacement as the SmackDown General Manager, she joins a exclusive class of female authority figures not named Stephanie McMahon in WWE history. From predecessors like Eve Torres to contemporaries like AJ Lee, Paige finds herself in a very special opportunity to use her talking skills and play an even bigger role on the show than she had prior to her in-ring retirement. However, like peanut butter to jelly, women in authoritative roles in WWE are often synonymous with romantic storylines-- something few and far between in the WW
  16. At the end of 2017, WWE superstar Paige opened up The Saraya Store, an online storefront featuring her own merch and designs separate from the WWE entirely. She has also collaborated with fellow superstars in their designs, such as a 2Pawz themed shirt and a Noelle Foley shirt. After from what Paige is reporting to be a successful business, Paige opened up her very first physical storefront nearby the warehouse in Anaheim, CA. Her grand opening today featured an appearance from her, Nia Jax, Renee Young, and Lillian Garcia. From her Instagram, it seems that The Saraya
  17. Expanding on their TV special counting down the top 25 moments in Raw History, WWE.com added a photo gallery of more Raw moments counting down from 100, managing to encompass a few moments starring women. Listed below are said moments along with their ranking: If you'd like to flick through the photo gallery and see the full countdown, check it out here and sound off below!
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