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  1. https://twitter.com/happytravisday/status/1116008284488597504
  2. Update: Summer Rae is gone as well. http://www.wwe.com/article/emma-darren-young-summer-rae-released
  3. Like most of you, I am so heartbroken because of the news we got yesterday about the releases of Emma and Summer Rae. I would never wish unemployment amongst anyone but if you had to choose 2 women to be released, who would you have chosen if the decision was yours?
  4. Fans haven’t seen Summer Rae wrestle a match for quite some time. Once a member of Total Divas, Summer’s involvement in WWE has diminished to the point where some people wonder if she’s with the company anymore. Summer might be adding a little fuel to the fires of speculation when she recently posted an Instagram post with the comment: “Always wished we had a program together, this one & I” while she was tagging Sasha Banks in the post. Some people might be able to read into this statement as if Summer Rae is speaking about her career in the past-tense. Since we haven’t seen Summ
  5. What was your favourite Summer Rae era in wwe? Mean girl NXT Summer era? Mean girl dancer Summer era? Mean girl Total Divas Summer era? Stan Twitter Summer era?
  6. I wasn't sure if Summers name had enough value to get people interested in discussing her career but here we go. I had to be generous with the career highlights and just tried to have fun with this one so bare with me. Summer Rae Career highlights Kissed Fandango. Creater of the catering Krew. Taste of Tenille taste tester. Summer Rae started her career off in the rebranded version of Nxt as the original power of 3 along with Paige and Emma. Following a loss to Emma for the number one contender spot to Paige's title Summer would take out Emma via storyli
  7. Are y'all ready for Summertime? Which brand do you want her on? Discuss
  8. What do yall think? I think it would be great, I'd love if she gave herself women's championship matches that are impossible to win for the face champion. I want her to snatch Bayley.
  9. Check out the full photoshoot of this icon in her base thread.
  10. Tamina, Paige, Summer Rae, Eva Marie, Naomi are all inactive due to injuries/breaks. Alicia Fox is M.I.A, Dana Brooke comes in every 5 years to be Charlotte's protege and what the hell is happening with Emma? When do you think the girls will come back to TV and how will they be reintroduced/shown? (Thoughts on any possible gimmicks/comebacks). I honestly think Summer & Eva will call it quits. Naomi will come back after Wrestlemania. Paige will come back to feud with Charlotte. (MAYBE) Tamina will be a face and team with Becky & Nikki for the time being. Maybe th
  11. Sasha, Eva, Summer & Stella have all tweeted out the hashtag #BL2017. What do you guys think it means? Black Lives? Becky Lynch? Boss Life? Big Love? Maybe it's a new stable? But why would Stella be involved? Hmm...
  12. Summer Rae is featured in this month's edition of Men's Health magazine of Malaysia. She's featured as Danielle Moinet, not Summer Rae, and the article isn't WWE related. She's in a feature about the Fittest Women of Instagram, where she has a few photos, and discusses her favorite on the go workout. Queen putting in that work on her time off with the injury. Getting that exposure and building ha brand! Woo!
  13. This is serving educated guess as these reports usually do, but I think it's interesting nonetheless. I didn't even know people still checked for Ronda after her loss, but I'd be interested in seeing her drag Charlotte for personal reasons.
  14. After having stunning photoshoots for Regard and Nationalist Magazine (also the cover), Summer now has scored an 8 page spread in the September/October Fashion Issue of Most Magazine. https://issuu.com/fashionmostmagazine/docs/fashion_sept-oct16 Does your fave need WWE to get her that mainstream promo?
  15. Despite not being injured or suspended Summer Rae has not appeared on WWE television since before the draft (outside of whole roster segments). This plus and influx of outside of WWE opportunities has lead some to speculate that Summer's time in the WWE is coming to an end. Her fans even created a hashtag in her honour to try and get wwe to notice but so far she is still yet to be featured. Now the Raw women's division is pretty stacked right now in terms of talent so it would be pretty hard to fit everyone onto one card and get them all feuding at once, but with the recent rumour o
  16. The red brand hasn't been much of a topic on the forum in recent weeks, in large part to the absence of Alicia Fox (besides one quick loss to Charlotte on the go home show) and Summer Rae. While fellow Raw Superstar Paige hasn't been faring well either with an injury and suspension, she still has Total Divas, pushes merch and was even shown as being part of the title picture as recent as her last appearance around two months ago. In comparison, Alicia and Summer were Superstars/Main Event mainstays before the draft and not even that after. The future's looking bleak for the two but which do yo
  17. This past Tuesday on SmackDown we saw three segments featuring the Women of SmackDown sans Naomi. But it is very strange that SmackDown creative managed to deliver three entertaining Women segments with only two hours of show and with almost all their women being put to use. The overarching story-line still leaves room for Naomi to be able to pop in their and get her shine on as well. SmackDown also feels competitive as well, with none of the Women looking like clear jobbers. So my question is why is RAW failing to do the same? On Monday we saw two segments with three out of the seven Wom
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