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  1. Shotzi Blackheart is ready for her debut vs Allie Shotzi Blackheart vs Allie (featuring Tessa Blanchard) Full match at 13:17: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6oi1uv Eli Drake hits on Katarina Tessa Blanchard plans to teach Allie a lesson Who is this mysterious new Knockout? Classic Slammiversary Moment: Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell in a Last Knockout Standing Match (at 32:21) https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6oi1uv Madison Rayne gets ready to be interviewed (at 44:40) https://www.dailymot
  2. LAX (with Diamante) call out O.v.E Full match at 04:15: http://educadegree.com/cgi-bin/DProtect.php?File=k3xhVN24dw7Pa7p2vEd Hannah Harper vs Rosemary (featuring Taya Valkyrie) Full match at 22:31: http://educadegree.com/cgi-bin/DProtect.php?File=k3xhVN24dw7Pa7p2vEd Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim segment Full segment at 30:35: http://educadegree.com/cgi-bin/DProtect.php?File=k3xhVN24dw7Pa7p2vEd McKenzie Mitchell interviews Sienna, KM, Texano Jr. and Caleb Konley at 35:58 http://educadegree.com/cgi-bin/DProtect.php
  3. LAX (with Diamante) in the clubhouse at 23:35 http://educadegree.com/cgi-bin/DProtect.php?File=k5S30KiCfe7YlVoVUvv Karen Jarrett announces who will be challenging for the TNA Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory (featuring Sienna, KM, Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell and Allie) Full segment at 32:28: http://educadegree.com/cgi-bin/DProtect.php?File=k5S30KiCfe7YlVoVUvv Laurel Van Ness is back and crazier than ever LAX segment (featuring Diamante)
  4. LAX segment (featuring Diamante) at 14:05 http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k5JR4inah1W9ZPoPh2G Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell and Sienna (c) vs Allie, Rosemary and Gail Kim Full match: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x62ioji
  5. Taya Valkyrie vs Ava Storie (featuring Rosemary, Sienna, Allie, Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim) Full match and segment at 13:30: http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k54kK4IrTYjbGgoJjt7 Gail Kim, Rosemary and Allie vow more to come Laurel Van Ness looks for a new husband at 30:03 http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k5PPiIEp85CopToJjt9 Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell and Sienna confront Karen Jarrett
  6. LAX (with Diamante) vs John Boland and Zachary Wentz (featuring O.v.E) Full match and segment at 12:32: http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k1UgxQPKzmyzN6oxXIT Taryn Terrell and Sienna (with KM) vs Allie (with Braxton Sutter) and Gail Kim (featuring Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie's Debut) Full match and segment in HQ at 18:24: http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k1UgxQPKzmyzN6oxXIT LAX confronts Johnny Impact (featuring Diamante) Grado calls off the wedding with Laurel Van Ness at 40:20 http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k1UgxQPKzm
  7. Taryn Terrell introduces herself to Allie oVe vs Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara (LAX (featuring Diamante) is seen watching this match from their clubhouse) at 19:07 http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k528C2T6emlondorGdI Karen Jarrett has words for Sienna and Taryn Terrell LAX segment (featuring Diamante) and Low Ki (with Konnan, Santana, Ortiz and Diamante) vs James Storm at 38:30 http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k528C2T6emlondorGdI http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k7olO9VQJ1rcpaorGdQ Allie, Braxton Sutter and Garza Jr. backstag
  8. Over the last few months GFW (formerly TNA) has gone through a complete overhaul in terms of owners, management, talent, branding, etc. Now that Dixie has left the fold(thank the fucking lord) and with Jeff Jarrett once again at the forefront of the company, GFWs future has gone from being dead in the water to being put on life support with the chance of resuscitation.Jeff and Karen Jarrett have both returned as onscreen authority figures with Karen being the most prominent. Jim Cornette has recently returned as an onscreen personality, a lot of their old creative team has returned to the
  9. Taryn Terrell segment (featuring Gail Kim) Full segment at 13:18: http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k7fMo0nmhrMPwjol8TA Laurel Van Ness proposes to Grado Full segment at 25:59: http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k7fMo0nmhrMPwjol8TA LAX segment (featuring Diamante) at 38:55 http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k7fMo0nmhrMPwjol8TA Taya Valkyrie promo
  10. GFW Knockouts Championship Match: Gail Kim vs Sienna (c) (Taryn Terrell returns) Full match at 03:27: http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k5L8ybwxvcDUwgof8su Jim Cornette runs into Konnan and LAX (featuring Diamante) Full segment at 25:57: http://www.tellycolors.me/wrestle/?si=k5L8ybwxvcDUwgof8su Bruce Prichard on his way out of GFW (feauting Karen Jarrett)
  11. The legend of the holy spirit herself Taryn Terrell is back bitches!
  12. Gail Kim's Hall of Fame Induction (ft. Former Legendary Knockouts): Maria Backstage Segment: Knockouts Championship Match Gail Kim vs Maria (C) w/ Allie: "The Great War"- Tag Championship Match The Hardys w/Reby vs The Decay w/Rosemary
  13. Street Fight Havok vs Awesome Kong: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3dox3y_tna-one-night-only-world-cup-2015-havok-vs-awesome-kong_sport Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3dots7_tna-one-night-only-world-cup-2015-taryn-terrell-vs-gail-kim_sport
  14. There have been a lot of reports on TNA's contract with Destination America ending. Which TNA Knockouts would you like to see in WWE? for the first time or AGAIN! DISCUSS! Update: Past Knockouts also apply to this Topic, Any Knockouts you'd like to see have a final run for the WWE?
  15. The Dollhouse Segment+ The Beautiful People Segment+ The Dollhouse vs The Beautiful People: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x38d0ig_the-dollhouse-vs-the-beautiful-people_webcam Brooke Backstage Segment: Gail Kim BFG Promo:
  16. The Dollhouse Segment & Jade vs Gail Kim: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x37u2dk_gail-kim-vs-jade-mia-yim-featuring-the-dollhouse-the-beautiful-people-awesome-kong_sport
  17. The Dollhouse Attack The Beautiful People: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x36634m_the-dollhouse-the-beautiful-people_sport Brooke © vs Gail Kim ft.Lei'D Tapa & Awesome Kong: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3665mq_gail-kim-vs-brooke-featuring-lei-d-tapa-awesome-kong_sport
  18. The Beautiful People Reunite Against the The Dollhouse: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34halv_velvet-sky-angelina-love-madison-rayne-the-return-of-the-beautiful-people-the-doll-house_sport The Beautiful People Interview: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34hazn_interview-after-the-beautiful-people-reunite-a-message-for-the-dollhouse_sport
  19. Brooke © vs Velvet Sky ft The Dollhouse: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x337t27_tna-impact-wrestling-26-08-15-velvet-sky-vs-brooke_webcam Knockouts Calendar Cover Girl Revealed: Karen Jarrett & Dixie Carter Segment:
  20. Six Sides of Steel The Dollhouse v Gail Kim: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x32ey65_gail-kim-vs-the-dollhouse_webcam Gail Kim Hunts Down Taryn Terrell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoBeRg6i2mo
  21. hello! my name is Dani, I'm obviously new. my faves are listed in the topic tags, idk how to work this forum thing yet. I hope this is fun, my friend told me it was so I decided to give it a go. If you ever wanna get to know me more or wanna be friends, I am mostly on twitter.
  22. Lei'D Tapa vs Awesome Kong: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x31m0yw_lei-d-tapa-w-royal-red-vs-awesome-kong_sport The Dollhouse Backstage Segment (Starts at 57:09): http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x31h903_12thaugustthufig1_sport
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