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  1. Can you think of any female wrestlers past and present who have body piercings (for example, multiple ears, belly button, nose, lip, etc.)?
  2. Basically as the title states, what are your favorite/best wrestling entrance themes? (past or present?) Discuss.
  3. Back when the WWE had the Divas Division (which consisted mainly of former models), the TNA Knockouts were serious and fierce fighters who combined beauty with athleticism. Do you think that the WWE Women's Division has been influenced a lot by the TNA Knockouts as of late?
  4. Impact has moved her profile to the alumni section on their website. Source - https://squaredcirclesirens.com/amp/sienna-departs-impact-wrestling/
  5. Impact ranked the top 5 most extreme knockout matches and here's what they chose: 5. Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde - Monsters Ball match at TNA Sacrifice 2009 4. Tara vs. Mickie James - Falls Count Anywhere at Final Resolution 2010 3. Rosemary vs. Jade - Last Knockout Standing on Impact Wrestling March 2nd 2017 2. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell - Last Knockout Standing at Slammiversary 2013 1. Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong - No Disqualification at Final Resolution 2008
  6. WWE/ROH/TNA/Stardom ect... Doesn't matter which promotion what is your top 10 female wrestlers in the world right now?
  8. Yasss! Mainstream* Queen *Kinda, she did have a good run on the Amazing Race
  9. Kayci Quinn makes her television debut against Brandi Rhodes. Kayci Quinn has only been wrestling for the past 2 years, but is already an accomplished young wrestler. Trained by Jay Lethal, the 20-year-old beauty recently won her first Championship with Full Throttle Pro Wrestling, and has been in the ring with notable names such as Malia Hosaka. She continues to wrestle all over the country and many fans and talent scouts have said her wrestling future looks bright. In fact, five-time Knockouts champion, Madison Rayne, had the following to say about the young standout: “Kayci impressed m
  10. Billy did an interview about his time at TNA and I got a kii from Dixie thinking she would get something from BET. Probably the reason why Lashley won all those titles.
  11. I swear, every time it looks like the company is going to die, something happens and it sticks around. Good for Dixie and the talent. TNA has been saved, until Dixie inevitably screws Anthem Entertainment over.
  12. http://rajah.com/node/53727 Girl... I know I said the part in bold on the podcast.
  13. Maria and Allie backstage Maria Kanellis vs Gail kim No DQ match
  14. Oh, it's going down in TNA! He's suing TNA, it's parent company, Dixie, her husband Serg and the CFO of TNA. The battle for control of TNA continues.
  15. 4:06 http://podcastone.com/pg/jsp/program/episode.jsp?programID=619&pid=1682061
  16. Links(Please Suport TNA Wrestling by purchasing the first link): http://www.fite.tv/v/a765eff2e6780588bf0c976a7096c64e/tna-bound-for-glory http://www.vipleague.is/boxing/420525/1/tna-bound-for-glory-2016-live-stream-online.html http://taima.tv/r/woooalt
  17. Discuss which divas/ko's you have seen at a live show. Who put on the best show?
  18. Maria, Allie and Sienna Backstage segment: Sienna vs Marti belle vs Madison Rayne vs Allie vs Jade For The KO Championship:
  19. Makes sense. All the reports were saying that despite their situation getting worse, Dixie would only sell if she got to remain with the company and it looks she found money in a hopeless place. Kudos to them, I guess. We really do need more wrestling shows to stick around.
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