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  1. http://whatculture.com/wwe/10-best-ever-tna-knockouts?page=1 Do you guys agree? Who would you list as the top 10 former/current knockouts?
  2. http://wrestlingnews.co/eric-bischoff-says-he-is-suing-tna/
  3. So sad that she faced such horrendous abuse. Good on her for using her platform to raise awareness.
  4. Both Brooke and Taryn had their best matches against Gail at Slammiversary! Could this be Maria's best match? Discuss!
  5. Hi, My name is Adrian and I'm here to show support for the BEST female wrestler of all time, Gail Kim. She is extremely underrated and deserves more than she has accomplished. She got me interested in wrestling after a long hiatus. She is the female Chris Benoit (without the tragedy). I hope one day she will be honored and remembered as a legend in all wrestling circuits.
  6. So with the creation of the new title we have a new chance to crown a Grand Slam Champion in the world of Womens wrestler Currently the only woman with a good chance of achieving this is Mickie James a holder of the original Women's, Diva's, and Knockout Championships. Do you you think she can somehow weasel her way back into the WWE and snatch the new women's championship? Or will it be Layla El or Michelle mCcool to step out of retirement defeat Charlotte leave WWE and head to TNA and snatch the TNA KO championship as well???
  7. Rebel, James Storm & EC3 apparently all tried out to get on the show. No luck it seems.
  8. Poor girl just needs more training. Shouldn't have bothered putting her on TV so early.
  9. http://wrestlingnews.co/tna-reportedly-up-for-sale/
  10. Well, I'm not exactly sure how jumping ship back to TNA will help him achieve that goal...but's it's always good to dream. Without dreams, you just exist.
  11. Learning to provide skin + beauty treatments. Knowledge is power. You go, girl!
  12. Totally throwing AJ, Gallows & Anderson under the bus...and possibly also implicating themselves for contract tampering in the process. Oh, the shade of it all.
  13. January 5th, 2016- The Beautiful People segment & The Dollhouse vs. The Beautiful People and Gail Kim http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3l36oi_tna-impact-wrestling-2016-01-05-dollhouse-vs-beautiful-people-gail-kim_sport January 12th, 2016- The Dollhouse and The Beautiful People segment & The Dollhouse vs. The Beautiful People http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3m8v5s_tna-impact-wrestling-2016-01-12-beautiful-people-vs-dollhouse_sport
  14. To be fair, it was just a best of show...but it's not off to a promising start.
  15. http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/tna/Full_Details_on_TNA_Moving_to_Tuesday_Nights_with_POP_TV_Dixie_Carter_Comments.html
  16. Fans don't always forget that. There was a time when TNA's women's division was pretty well celebrated. The Knockout had/have the misfortune of being part of a hugely unstable environment. It isn't that people just chose to start liking good women's wrestling. What's happening in NXT right now is fairly unlike the height of the Knockouts stuff. There's no real focus on sexualizing Sasha or Bayley. It's just totally sincere heel/face wrestling given a chance to shine on the main stage. Sorry but at the end of the day if I was in that position and wasn't getting a good paycheck or the recognitio
  17. News confirmed earlier by TNA president Dixie Carter. https://twitter.com/TNADixie/status/651823612618502144 Which Knockout do you think could possibly have a chance in winning?
  18. More info about his arrest here: http://pcsoweb.com/InmateBooking/SubjectResults.aspx?id=1649677
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