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Found 16 results

  1. As for myself, it because back in 2006 when Kelly Kelly burst onto the scene.
  2. Is it because the NXT Women's Division has women of all shapes, sizes and looks who can kick butt and are not catty swimsuit models?
  3. The WWE currently hires women from indie promotions such as Shimmer and WSU but back in the Divas Era, the WWE hired mainly fitness and swimsuit models.
  4. Other than bra and panties matches, pillow fights and bikini contests?
  5. Ever since the rebranding of the WWE Women's Division, there have virtually been no photoshoots of female Superstars on WWE's website anymore. Thoughts?
  6. A fun thought? Or a missed opportunity? With the (sometimes half ass done) Women’s Revolution so far and a lot of first Evers in the past few years, including the first ever all women’s ppv and the first time women have had a Main Event Match, so you think WWE dropped the ball with having an all Women’s HOF induction class? Share your thoughts and your HOF class and who would indict them. Mine would consist of: Chyna (headliner) inducted by Nikki Cross Sable inducted by Torrie Wilson Mickie James inducted by Trish Bull Nankano inducted by Medusa Moll
  7. History was made last night as we saw Sasha and Bayley become the inaugural Women's Tag Team Champions congratulations to the ladies on a job well done. Everyone killed it in that match with that being said there is a target on the champs backs so who would you like to see feud with the inaugural Women's tag team champions? Any returns you would like to see? Or just simply two current women on the roster you'd like to see team up for a short feud and possible win? Thoughts?
  8. During the Divas Era, most storylines either included the likes of two women fighting over a male Superstar or the mean girl type like LayCool bullying a good girl babyface like Kelly Kelly but these days, the Women's Division storylines have gotten more intense like the recent Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch feud. Thoughts?
  9. Back when the WWE had the Divas Division (which consisted mainly of former models), the TNA Knockouts were serious and fierce fighters who combined beauty with athleticism. Do you think that the WWE Women's Division has been influenced a lot by the TNA Knockouts as of late?
  10. Remember the time during the Divas Era when the WWE did Halloween Costume Contests during Halloween and Santa's Little Helper Matches during Christmas? But unfortunately, the WWE has stopped doing those matches now that we are in the Women's Revolution. Do you miss those kind of matches? I do!
  11. (Sorry for the quality of the video but I wanted the full context of what happened that night) Relive the live chat. https://twitter.com/hashtag/GiveDivasAChance?src=hash Relive the hashtag. So what do you think about what happened then and what is happening now? Is there still work that needs to be done?
  12. "Hello there! Welcome to the world of WWE Women! My name is Stephen! This world is inhabited by creatures called WWE Women! For some people, WWE Women are women you Stan for when you need someone accomplished on your Stanlist. Other use them because they really like them. Myself… I study WWE Women because my Mondays are boring. Before we begin, what is your name? Right! So your name is <player>! Come with me. As we begin this new adventure, you will need to choose a WWE Women you will Stan for. So please choose who will you Stan for as you begin this
  13. Seeing as the Extreme Rules thread isn't the appropriate place to discuss this stuff. Feel free to post pics, social media posts, matches and other miscellaneous stuff of the women wrestlers. I love Foxy, but what she did to Beth's face was nasty.
  14. We're about a month into this "new era" and WWE keeps trying to hammer this point home (you can stop now, JBL) despite not giving us anything, really, to back this claim. But what do you think? Will this era we're witnessing be the greatest in women's wrestling history (surpassing the revered Golden Era) or will WWE's laziness, lack of creativity and institutionalized main roster sexism make it just like the rest, only with potentially better PPV matches? Discuss.
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