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Found 13 results

  1. While nothing is being reported by any official trade site, I thought speculation would be fun. This guy's reputable source alleges the X-Men will be introduced somewhat Avengers style, by either cameoing in different upcoming MCU movies (this bit has been rumored for quite some time) or in their own Disney+ series (Wolverine, namely). For the first MCU X-Men film, the line up for the official X-Men team is rumored to consist of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Sunfire, Havok, Nightcrawler, Thunderbird and Storm, with the team being predominantly young adults and attending Xavier's School, likened to Hogwa
  2. Rest of the article is here: https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2020/1/13/21060674/marvel-comics-new-x-men-series-x-factor-leah-williams?utm_campaign=polygon&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true The cast is majority LGBT, so I will be purchasing.
  3. So the brief back and forth about underrated legend Cyclops in the news thread regarding Storm's casting got me thinking: who is the best X-Man or X-Woman and why?
  4. X-Men House and Power promotional illustration by Mark Brooks Let me start by saying that yes I am one of the many who believe that Marvel gave the cold shoulder to the X-brand since they didn't own the film rights. No merchandise, no toys, pushed out of video games and the comics sucked hard. And yes they tried to replace them with the Inhumans, which failed miserably because the Inhumans are not the X-Men, AND Inhumans were an obscure brand they left to the wayside for decades. I say all that to say the X-Men were in trouble for a while, but a change came when on March 20th, 2019 Di
  5. Uncanny X-Men #18 by Matthew Rosenberg Emma Frost is now the new Black King of Hell Fire Club with Mystique as her right hand. How did we get here and why can't the X-Men remember Emma Frost besides Juggernaut? Before we can answer that, I must tell you about where the X-Men are now and it doesn't start with this latest volume of Uncanny X-Men. Death of X # 1 by Jeff Lemire We begin here, Death of X. The last story of Cyclops, definitive leader of the X-Men. Cyclops preceding this story was a mutant renegade. He and his team of mutants were on a mission to force
  6. Well, like we already know X-men are coming to MCU, so what is your dream cast? Y'all can pick actors that are already in DC because duh, is a dream cast
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