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      Taryn Terrell Leaves Impact Wrestling

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      I don't see how anyone can defend this company anymore. They need to lock these people to better contracts because this is not funny anymore. Wrestlers come and go like it's nothing. Either they don't use them (Kiera, MJ, Hania...) or they come, have some spotlight and leave immediately.


      Also, poor Gail. Her last match will be against the "rookie" Allie, and Sienna...

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      Sometimes I don't understand the decisions this company make. Yesterday at Impact, they announced she wasn't competing in the Four Way Match because the doctors won't clear her up to wrestle (because she "suffered a concussion" by Gail Kim's slap :skull:); why couldn't they wait until today and just say that she left and isn't competing at BFG instead of say she suffered a concussion by a weak ass slap on TV?

      Sad to hear it anyways, she was the perfect one to be Gail's last match. Let's hope they call Angelina to fill that position, Gail and her always had an amazing chemistry.

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      Impact's womens division will never be as great as back in 2007-2011. 

      We had Gail Kim, Christy Hemme, Jacqueline, Traci Brooks, ODB, Tara, The Kongtourage, Hamada, TBP, Salinas, Taylor Wilde, Sarita, Rosita, Mickie James, Brooke Adams, Daffney, Rosie Lottalove, Roxxi, etc. 

      What a CREW :clap:


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          Over the last few months GFW (formerly TNA) has gone through a complete overhaul in terms of owners, management, talent, branding, etc.
          Now that Dixie has left the fold(thank the fucking lord) and with Jeff Jarrett once again at the forefront of the company, GFWs future has gone from being dead in the water to being put on life support with the chance of resuscitation.Jeff and Karen Jarrett have both returned as onscreen authority figures with Karen being the most prominent. Jim Cornette has recently returned as an onscreen personality, a lot of their old creative team has returned to the company such as Dutch Mantel. Gail Kim is taking on a producer role and they've had an influx of former and newer stars.Matt Sydal, Johnny Impact(John Morrison), Chris Adonis, LAX(Konnan, Hernandez and homicide), Alberto El Patron, Petey Williams, Diamante, MJ Jenkins, Hania, Kiera Hogan, Taya Valkyrie, Alisha Edwards, Ava Storie, Taryn Terrell, Sonjay Dutt etc. Have all joined/returned to the company since Anthem took over with Jarrett at the helm and rumour has it there's plenty more signings and returns yet to come.Tie all of the new/returning talent in with members of the current roster that they've made stars out of consisting of the likes of Allie, Rosemary, James Storm, EC3, Eli Drake, Eddie Edwards, Lashley etc.  it seems like they might actually have a chance of potential success again/ressurrection.Jeff Jarrett did wonders for TNA before Dixie forced him out of the door and it's fitting that they have brought him back in to fix the company that he once helped to build. From what I've read all issues of late wages/payments were from when Dixie was in charge and I don't think it's an issue anymore. The rebranding leads me to believe that they're starting afresh in an effort to remove themselves from the reputation that Dixie bestowed upon them.
          Who would you all like to see and return? Do y'all think they are finally on the rise again? Or has the damage been so badly done that it's irreversible?

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