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        • He wrote for soaps, and didn’t watch Wwe since he was a kid

        • The turn over rate for the writers were brutal in 2010-2011, so the first two weeks some wrestlers didn’t even want to know his name.

        • TJ Wilson was super helpful, and taught him wrestling terminology.

        • New writers are paired with the women, and then would get a promotion to work with the men. This is one of the reasons why there is a no consistency in the writing for the women.

        • Eve Torres turning heel was decided 5 minutes before the show started.

        • in a production meeting Michael Cole pitched Big Show accidentally hitting AJ Lee. There was a 46 minutes discussing about it because they were worried about a man performing a violet act against women.

        • They just paired Daniel Bryan and AJ together because there was nothing for them to do. It was a happy accident that the crowd was into it.

        • Vince saw money in AJ Lee, and didn’t see the same in Kaitlyn.

        • Kaitlyn was pitched to join the Watt family after she lost the Diva title.

        • There was a conspiracy conversation that the women’s match for Wrestlmania 27 was just cut for Total divas drama.

        • Felt bad over how bad Beth Phoenix was treated.

        • The original plan was AJ Lee was going to throw herself through a table instead of choosing between Punk and Daniel. They changed it because they didn’t want to promote a women trying to kill herself because of a man.

        • Paige winning the belt on the first night was mandated by the higher ups.

        • The Bella Twins were excited to have a feud against one another, but hated how it ended because there was no resolution.

        • Charlotte was the one who pitched the idea of Paige mentioning Reid in her promo. No one bullied Charlotte into doing that storyline like Ric Flair mentioned.

        • No individual should be credited for starting the Diva’s Revolution. It was a combination of things.

        • They thought about doing a Seth and Stephanie McMahon love story, but they decided against.

        • During the brand spilt, Tom considered Becky Lynch to be the Daniel Bryan of the women’s division because she was the ultimate babyface. He doesn’t know how backstage feels about her now.

        • There is a disconnect between how NXT wrestlers are being trained

        • There was a lot of writers felt like the gimmicks in NXT don’t work on the main roster. When you have a character that can only work one role it doesn’t work.

        • Tom wasn’t into doing the Alicia Fox being crazy storyline. He felt like there was no real character motivation on why she was crazy. But it mandated by the higher ups, so he went with it.


        Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/user/agendapodcast/timeline-of-the-revolution
        Podcast is 4 hours long ...so if anybody wants to listen to it to see if any other dirt is in there :specky:

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      Not surprised by any of this stuff to be honest. Nice to hear the higher ups actually like Alicia’s crazy gimmick though. The creative team will always be a mess in this company so they are at least consistent in one aspect.

      The Bella feud could have been something special had they actually committed 100%

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      38 minutes ago, onetooth said:

      New writers are paired with the women, and then would get a promotion to work with the men. This is one of the reasons why there is a no consistency in the writing for the women.

      I don't know if they are still doing this, but it's disgusting. And what disgust me even more, is Stephanie McMahon talking about women empowerment, taking every chance to credit her company for giving women such "big" roles and then, behind the scenes, promoting writers from working with women to working with men.

      She's such an hypocrite that only cares about her ass :boostfox:

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      Mess at the writers being promoted to write for the men. I like Alicia's crazy character, but it really did come out of nowhere. It would have been much better with a backstory and if they had a long term plan, but instead she randomly just went crazy and was in a filler storyline with Paige for 3 weeks that led to nothing for Alicia.

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      None of this is really all that surprising or startling information, but the point about there being a clear disconnect between the NXT development and the main roster is really just becoming more and more clear. Sasha, Becky, Alexa, and Carmella have all been adapted to fit the main roster audience by highlighting different parts of their gimmicks and making them less one-dimensional, simply because gimmicks like that (Nia, Bayley) don't work for a non-Full Sail audience. Even Charlotte was adapted and changed many times before her full-on 2016 heel gimmick that solidified her completely. It doesn't give me a lot of hope for the new call ups, or the potential of Peyton/Billie being called up  


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      17 minutes ago, Don Draper said:

      Girl. It was poorly-acted drama, it’s not like a conclusion would have improved their angle anymore than before :michael:

      I'm doubting they had any ideas about it being some groundbreaking content more than simply wanting to make it entertaining (which it was) and the fact it was their only real program against each other. It deserved a better ending or literally just anything involving a little logic/effort for that reason alone.

      I'm sure he's talking more back when it happened but Briesus also has more than a right to be pissed in hindsight because she got the short end of the stick thereon, her face potential that never let up even when their alignments were switching on the regular in 2015 reduced to primarily jobbing. :specky:

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      I'm sorry but the thought of AJ throwing herself into a table is hilarious to me. I don't know why they would think of suicide. That's just dumb.

      But this guy basically confirmed what we already knew, the system doesn't work. There isn't any long term planning or anything. How can you get a good storyline when plans are being changed 5 minutes before the show starts. What's even more annoying is they change it, and we still get a shitty show. No character development, no backstories, no build up, nothing. It's just always a sloppy mess.

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      I'm not her fan, but I hate how they felt about Kaitlyn :rot: Yes, Aj was money, but Kaitlyn was as well and had a pretty nice fanbase. The fact that they did nothing for her after her storyline with Aj and had the audacity to think of putting her with the Wyatts doesn't sit well with me 

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      Eve’s Heel then being flawless because Vincent Kennedy had no time to ruin it!

      Idc what anyone says, Brie v Nikki will always be remembered and brought up for years to come. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s gonna be remembered. I’m not here for people trying to Summer/Layla it when we know that ain’t right. Brie deserved her payoff at WM! Fight me!


      The way Vince viewed and treated Kaitlyn will never cease to sadden me.

      And the thing about NXT gimmicks and the MR is only tea. Peyton can possibly do a lot with her Poison Ivy stuff, especially with Alexa and her Harley Quinn stuff. But it can only go so far. Beyond the flower themed parts of her gimmick, her character is no different than any other heel. Billie can be a little more flexible because “Femme Fatale” can be taken anywhere. Face or Heel.

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      22 minutes ago, Layout said:

      Which has nothing to do with the shows writing


      I'm saying they can hire people who know all about WWE but that doesn't guarantee the writing will be good, hiring soap writers kinda makes sense because WWE was at its peak when there was more drama:travis:

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      6 minutes ago, Gavin said:

      I'm saying they can hire people who know all about WWE but that doesn't guarantee the writing will be good, hiring soap writers kinda makes sense because WWE was at its peak when there was more drama:travis:

      The writing would at least make sense. Read above and see how nonsensical most of it is :rot: The whole soap writers thing is probably a big reason why the company's lost so much fans. Everything's become so loony. They could get away with it back then because they had stars like Rock and Austin, but without them no ones about to sit through any of this :brandon2:

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      New writers are paired with the women, and then would get a promotion to work with the men. This is one of the reasons why there is a no consistency in the writing for the women.

      This to me is the most horrifying takeaway but not so much a surprise as it is a confirmation of something that we already suspected to be the case. The intelligent decision would be to hire a few people (preferably women/gays) whose job is to write specifically for the women so that there would be people who actually care and want them to succeed working to make it happen.

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          Eve comments that she is still a fan of the product and highly invested in the current women within the company. Earlier she mentioned how she felt she wasn’t able to break the glass ceiling. However, one person she would love to get into the ring with has and that is Becky Lynch.
          “I am obsessed with the women’s roster right now. There are great talents, but there are so many different characters that I’m just loving. Obviously, I love Becky Lynch. She’s The Man, right? So I would love to face her if I came back. If I stopped having kids, then maybe that will happen.”
          To watch the full interview, simply click on the video in the header.
          Source:  http://www.diva-dirt.com/2020/03/21/eve-torres-fought-to-pass-the-divas-championship-on-to-kaitlyn/
          Eve is such a class act, I wish she would’ve stuck around just a little longer. Hope she makes a future rumble appearance.
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