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      Melina Addresses Contemplating Suicide After Being Raped.

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      In a post on social media on Saturday addressing sexual assault, former WWE Women’s Champion Melina Perez revealed that she felt suicidal after being raped.

      In response to a tweet from comedian Josh Wolf on actor Matt Damon’s controversial comments about sexual misconduct (in which Damon said that not all allegations should be handled the same way), Perez shared that she got raped in the past.

      A short while later, Perez posted a blog about her tweet on Instagram and Facebook saying that she felt suicidal after being raped. 

      “Granted being cornered to be harassed & being grabbed didnt lead me to want to commit suicide like rape did but all were life altering,” Perez wrote. 

      “All made me feel like I had no power, I wasn’t safe, I had no value and I wasn’t a human being. That I am simply a thing. My worth, my purpose, my existence altered. If I say anything I’m a liar, exaggerating or looking for attention. So many suffer this helplessness in silence. Which I did for years.”

      Perez, however, declined to give specifics as she only wants to educate people on the subject of sexual assault.

      “I’m not looking to point fingers, I want to educate people on the subject, be here for victims and get those suffering silence on the path to recovery. Sexual assault doesn’t just happen to women. Like @safehorizon posted on Twitter:

      “Sexual assault doesn’t discriminate and neither should we. #MeToo has to include women of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, people living with disabilities, children and teenagers, the elderly, and yes, men and boys.”

      This is not the first time in which Perez has addressed suicide and sexual assault as she touched on both subjects back in April during a podcast interview on how she dealt with online bullying. Perez said she watched the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and the drama tracing factors including online bullying and sexual assault which led to a teenage girl committing suicide brought back painful memories.

      “That was my experience as an adult, that’s the sad thing,” Perez said. “Now that I’m reaching 40, I have better awareness and ways of coping. In my 20s, I couldn’t see things as clearly, be as articulate and process as much.

      “I can only imagine what it would be like to go through that in my teens, how much more insane the emotions,” Perez said.

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      I love this woman so much. Y'all can say what you want about her but this took serious courage to openly address on a social media platform. 


      Melina, like many others are breaking the silence and stigma surrounding sexual assault and are showing that it is not as uncommon as many people think and that NOBODY has to suffer in silence. 

      I loved her before and I love her even more now. I hope this helps other women/men/teens/children etc. out there to come forward with their ordeals and learn that these actions need to be acted on and that it should be never be bottled up or swept under the rug under ANY circumstances.


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      Even with all the negative ridicule this woman receives for decisions she made during growth as a human she STILL uses her voice to spread positivity and to educate.
      It truly takes a strong individual to remain altruistic despite her treatment was the blatant opposite, I love her so much.

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      I'm pretty much just going to echo the general sentiment here but it does take a lot of courage to open up about those types of traumatic experiences, and it's great that Melina's using her platform as a well-known figure to spread the awareness of sexual abuse. It's a very challenging thing to talk about, but she articulates herself really well here.

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        • By Jacqulee
          Former three-time Divas Champion Eve Torres sat down with DS Shin from Ring the Belle and discussed her top five fan voted moments of her career. Eve started her career as a Diva Search contestant where she was crowned the winner in 2007. From there she began her training as she was completely green coming into it.
          During the interview, Eve relished in the fact that the list that was put together was definitely the peaks of her career. One match, in particular, was a surprise match when Eve was inserted into the Divas Title match at the Royal Rumble in 2011. What was originally a handicap match for Natalya‘s title between her and LayCool turned into a Fatal 4-way.
          “It was a surprise to me too. Literally that morning, I find out and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, okay this is happening.’ And you don’t always know the reasons why things turn out the way they did, but I’m glad it did. It was a part of my career, it was a really meaningful match and there were some meaningful stories that were going on for that time.”
          Another top moment on the countdown was Eve finally turning heel. For the first half of Eve’s career she was baby face. She felt that once she turned heel she found her element and that is when she really started to enjoy what she was exuding.
          “Turning heel was so much fun for me. I was so over being a babyface. I was like no one’s buying this. Let’s just get over it! And having a meaningful story that people connected with a good babyface like Zack Ryder to work with. This was everything to me, and I really started having fun with wrestling.”
          Eve’s exit from WWE was during a time where she seemed like she was at the top of her game. It was quite a surprise to many that after she lost her third title reign to Kaitlyn, she quit. She had the following to say about her exit:
          “I honestly felt like there was a ceiling for me that I was not able to break. We’ve come so far. Where the women’s division is now if you had told me when I was there that women were gonna headline WrestleMania. I would have said, ‘get out of here. That’s never gonna happen.’ I felt like I was being controlled by other things that weren’t just me or my skill set or my work ethic, and I didn’t like that.”
          Speaking of Kaitlyn, Eve was supposed to win a number one contender Battle Royal that ended up not happening due to a slip-up. As a result, Kaitlyn won. This allowed their feud to get heated and eventually lead to their feud.
          “Sometimes the best stories come from mistakes. It was basically a botched spot where I was supposed to win and she did. She won the battle royal, and I was in tears afterward. I was like, ‘oh my god I ruined everything.’ But honestly, it created a more interesting story. Had that not happened, it probably would have been a very cookie-cutter Women’s Title experience. It just made it more interesting. So in hindsight, I’m so glad that happened.”
          Kaitlyn was the one that took down Eve’s third title reign, but it was a fight to make that happen. She wanted to make an impression and go out by passing the torch. In the end she wanted the title to mean something, and didn’t want to just go out not defending it.
          “I told them that I was gonna be moving on from WWE. At the time, they were not investing in women’s stories, and it was gonna be one of those things where I just went away. One thing I wanted when I left was to make this Divas Championship mean something a little bit more than what it did. And to pass that on [to Kaitlyn], I had to work very hard for that. I fought for that moment because they weren’t gonna give it to us. I wanted this title to matter, I wanted women’s wrestling to matter. And it’s a drop in the bucket of where we’re at now, but for me, it was really meaningful that I was finally able to pass something on. That was just special to me.”
          Eve comments that she is still a fan of the product and highly invested in the current women within the company. Earlier she mentioned how she felt she wasn’t able to break the glass ceiling. However, one person she would love to get into the ring with has and that is Becky Lynch.
          “I am obsessed with the women’s roster right now. There are great talents, but there are so many different characters that I’m just loving. Obviously, I love Becky Lynch. She’s The Man, right? So I would love to face her if I came back. If I stopped having kids, then maybe that will happen.”
          To watch the full interview, simply click on the video in the header.
          Source:  http://www.diva-dirt.com/2020/03/21/eve-torres-fought-to-pass-the-divas-championship-on-to-kaitlyn/
          Eve is such a class act, I wish she would’ve stuck around just a little longer. Hope she makes a future rumble appearance.
        • By Jacqulee
          In this week’s episode of NWA Powerrr, Melina Perez makes her debut and without uttering a word she still made a huge impact. She appeared during a tag team match between Marti Belle & Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox. Kay was seeking retribution on Belle and Rosa with the help of Vox by her side in this match.
          Melina played the catalyst as she caused the distraction to Kay just by being at ringside. Kay would lose the match from the distraction of Melina’s appearance as she was rolled up by Rosa who made the pin. After the match, Melina would enter the ring and raise the hands of both Belle and Rosa as they stood over the NWA World Women’s Champion to solidify what appears to be a newly formed stable.

          What led up to this match was Belle’s betrayal to her now-former friend Kay as she attacked her two weeks ago. This friendship dissolved after Kay was confronting Belle at ringside and Rosa attacked her from behind. This would unify Belle and Rosa as a newly emerged pair which led to the tag team match this week. This can be seen from the tweet below:
          Tonight’s episode can be viewed below with Melina’s debut occurring at 33:10.
          Source:  http://www.diva-dirt.com/2019/11/19/melina-perez-makes-her-debut-on-nwa-powerrr/
          What are your thoughts on Melina debuting in NWA? Do you see her possibly becoming champion? Share your thoughts!
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